Frequently Asked Questions about
Working with Margot

  • Who are your clients?

    I work with people just like you who are tired of the never-ending project of personal growth and transformation. My clients have an intrinsic knowing there exists something else beyond the impulse of continually work to improve the personal self. The clients who work with me are 100% ready to discover what this something else is. They're dedicated to living with true freedom in their life. They are willing to do whatever brutally honest release work might be necessary.

  • What makes you different from other professionals in the personal development and self-improvement arena?

    My work involves releasing the personal self's inherited programmed structure instead of improving it. The goal of my work is to unveil the real YOU - your immortal true nature so it can operate freely in your life. Your true nature has been there all along. It's simply covered up by your densely-knit, inherited programming that makes up your personal self. My work helps you claim your birthright of true freedom, which allows you to know what you really are. In this brief 4 min. video clip I show you what your personal is and what your real YOU is. Click here to watch it.

  • How are you different from other professionals in the spiritual awakening and enlightenment industry?

    What I have found to be the case with most spiritual awakening and enlightenment teachers is that they do not thoroughly understand the makeup of the personal self. Meditation is the tool that is promoted to quiet the mind and emotions so that the underlying immortal true Self can be recognized. This is a wonderful practice but has its limitations. What happens the moment a person gets up from the meditation cushion? The personal self resumes center stage. That’s because the personal self operates with enormous power and force. Generation after generation, its programming has been passed down for thousands of years.

    I'm extremely doubtful that meditation can release your instinctual survival programming along with other deeply entrenched core programming. I would say these incredibly strong forces of programming acting on persons are the reason so many teachers and gurus fall prey to their instinctual drives even though they had a deep, abiding spiritual awakening/enlightenment occur for them. To live true freedom in daily life in an embodied, integrated way, all your inherited programming has to be released. Only in this way can the real YOU express itself freely in each moment.

  • What kind of a person do you work with best? What do you expect of me?

    My one-on-one programs are designed for you if you are:

    1. excited and serious about the prospect of releasing your unconscious, inherited programming
    2. willing to look at your programmed personal self with complete honestly
    3. ready to let go of your learned knowledge so that you could approach my work with fresh eyes and
    4. open to letting go of your preconceived notions of what the true Self is until you experience it first-hand yourself.

    The current mainstream understanding of freedom revolves around making the personal self more positive and empowered. But this is not the freedom I am talking about. True freedom is something very different from the freedom experienced by a positively transformed personal self. My unbooks #1 True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Is Possible will provide you the essential details.

  • For what type of person is what you are offering NOT going to work?

    With my one-on-one programs, I'm extremely selective with whom I work. That's because I need a person to be serious and ready to want to work with me. My unique approach of Inner Constellations is powerful and intense. You need to truly want freedom in your life. If freedom is not what you're after, I am not the right person to assist you. This is why I screen each potential client very carefully to determine if my one-on-one 21-Day, 42-day, and 90-Day Programs are a good fit.

    The people that end up working with me have a very high success rate in releasing their inherited programming. This saves a lot of years of therapy and money spent month after month on self-improvement that in the end does not provide true freedom. However, I'm not a miracle worker. I can only help a person who wants freedom really badly. Such an individual is committed to letting go of any programming that might stand in the way of living with peace, joy, happiness, aliveness, and freedom. With such a person my job is easy. We work together as a team towards the same goal – true freedom for the person.

    I do charge a premium fee for my one-on-one programs due to the fact that in addition to my work being 100% unique, extremely effective, and powerful, I'm also available daily if necessary via email to support my clients in their integration process. This type of committed, daily support is unheard of in the industry and isn’t offered by any other professional in the market place as far as I know. For me, my clients' success in releasing their programming is paramount. This is why I make myself available to my clients on a daily basis for 21 or 42 or 90 days to insure their highest success rate.

    It's for this reason my one-on-one programs are NOT set up for persons who have no money and are financially destitute. It’s been my experience that people in financial crisis and who have no skin in the game do not trust my guidance anyway. Such individuals often argue with me, especially the closer we come to a programming that threatens their self-identity. This is when some people become super protective of their programming. It's a strange phenomenon. One would think people become even more eager to drop the programming that entraps their true nature, but this is often not the case. At those crucial moments some people actually become more clingy and attached to their programming and will sabotage the release by actually attacking me.

    Since I work strictly via intuitive, direct guidance, any kind of programming that stands in the way of a person’s freedom, I will literally smell it. Once I become aware of a programming operating in a person, I will point it out so that my clients can release it. This is why my work is right only for certain kinds of people and why I am extremely strict. I don’t accept anyone who I sense is not ready to work with me or who is unwilling to happily pay my fee.

    If you're drawn to work with me but sense you are not quite ready to fully commit, I encourage you to read my unbook #1True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Is Possible. Its content will help you tremendously in grasping what the personal self is, what your true nature is, and what processes are involved in setting the true Self free. I describe seven practices that cost nothing and you can do on a daily basis to deconstruct the programming of your personal self so you can become more in tune with the real YOU. You can also participate in my online community platform unBook Live for a nominal monthly fee and enjoy the support and guidance I offer to the community.

  • What have past clients said about your work?

    Please check out my client's testimonials by clicking here.

  • What results can I expect?

    You can expect to:

    • Have big breakthroughs and "aha!" moments

    • Understand how your personal self functions and how your programmed self keeps joy, aliveness, peace and freedom away from you

    • Experience calm, peace and freedom where you had felt stuck and trapped before

    • Feel that a whole new way of life is opening up for you

    • See and experience yourself in a much more expanded, free and more alive manner

    • No longer operate from the same mindset and emotional reactivity - they have miraculously disappeared

    • Gain enormous trust in life to guide you in the most perfect way

    • Feel solid and grounded in your powerful Essence

    • Know how to differentiate between the voice of your programmed self and the voice of your powerful Essence

    • Opportunities that hadn’t existed before show suddenly up on your doorstep

    • Sense that completely new possibilities are available to you, which you could not conceive of before

  • What types of challenges can be addressed with your work?

    We can address many of today's most troubling issues. That's because most of your difficulties have their origin many decades or even centuries back in history. Your troubles are linked to troubles belonging to your family members and ancestors. When you heal trauma retroactively that has occurred in the past, you're freed automatically.

    If you haven't read the page The Origin & Basics of Family Constellation Work please click here for detailed information so you understand the premise of my work. You will also find helpful details on the page Inner Constellations.

  • How quickly can I expect results?

    There is no hard and fast answer to this question. Some people are freed on the spot after an Inner Constellation was facilitated, never to have that issue or challenge appear again in their life. For others, the release process takes a few days to a few weeks. There can be some challenging days involved with the embodiment and integration process. Other people might need additional Inner Constellations, especially if they're attempting to uproot deeply-embedded, instinct-based survival or core programming. I devised a 30-day ritual to assists the embodying process. You can watch the 5 min. video about it here.

    Usually, results are integrated from instantly to a few days or weeks. But changes, openings and releases toward freedom have only begun. You can expect changes to continue for two years, maybe even longer. You can expect that your internal and external freedom will continue to grow, new ways of expressing yourself will continue to surface, new opportunities will come your way, and you will continue to feel your previous restrictions loosen ever more until they disappear completely.

  • Would you recommend I work with you one-on-one or participate in a Constellation Workshop you facilitate?

    This is a great question. If I have a workshop scheduled, by all means come and participate. You'll get a first-hand taste of what Constellation Work is all about when it's done in a group setting, which is a profound and deeply-moving experience.

    However, if there is no workshop scheduled or you live too far away so that traveling to a workshop isn't feasible, then from the comfort of your home or office, no matter where in the world you're located, we can work together. All you need is a workable internet connection so that we can connect via a video call. The steps involved to determine if my one-on-one programs are a good fit for you I've explained on the programs page. For details please click here.