About Me

I’ve been through an unfathomable awakening journey that allows me to look at life with completely new eyes. This is why I've begun to call myself an Intuitive Visionary. I see a potential in human beings for awesomeness, joy and beauty that isn't common knowledge.

Since the late 1980’s, I've been involved in the personal growth industry. More than a decade and a half later, in 2005 at the hight of my career, a flash-knowing revealed to me that self-improvement cannot bring about what I call True Freedom.

Self-improvement, as the term implies, improves the personal self. The goal is to make the personal self into a more positive, better functioning, happier self by transforming negative aspects into positive ones. Yet, True Freedom will not be reached this way. Our essential nature, which is the source of true peace and happiness remains trapped - now simply behind positive thoughts and emotions. You are welcome to watch a 4 min. video clip where I describe what the personal self is by clicking here.

I came to this understanding after having been thrust into a four-year (what is commonly called) ego-deconstruction process, which I call the Liberation Process. This process allowed me to learn all about the personal self, the true Self and what it takes to live with True Freedom. I introduce this understanding in my Visual eBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours.

I'd like to give you some background information now. This way, you can determine if what I share is of interest to you and might be helpful in your life.

From depression to vital aliveness in an instant

Ever since I was a child, I lived with extreme anger, anxiety and depression. Then in 1990, when I was 28-years-old, something unfathomable happened. A spontaneous mental, emotional and physical shift released the misery I had lived with my whole life. It was miraculous. From one moment to the next, the entire negativity was gone. It was as if it had never existed. I felt alive, vibrant and truly happy for the first time in my life. I had no idea a person could feel this good.

To my utter surprise, I no longer functioned from my negative self. This delightful way of being, which I call True Freedom, lasted four weeks. After that, the habitual negativity resurfaced and took over again. But now I knew another kind of life was possible. I vowed I would not rest until I regained this delightful state of being and lived from it for the rest of my life.

The vow that changed everything

After I made this promise to myself, I began to explore ways in which I could release deeply held, lifelong negativity in the quickest manner possible. I already had begun my career in the field of personal growth and individual transformation in the late 1980’s when I helped troubled children with the brain-balancing modality called Brain Gym®. Brain Gym® allowed me to assist ADD, ADHD, emotionally challenged and learning disabled children in an incredibly quick and effective fashion.

However, it was Bert Hellinger’s trans-generational healing approach called Family Constellations that generated the most amazing results not only in my own life but also in the lives of my clients. I began studying Constellation Work in the mid 1990s. In as little as one session, I was able to help people release challenges they carried their whole life. It was incredibly rewarding to free my clients of their unconscious entanglements with trauma and suffering that were passed down to them from their family members and ancestors as inherited family legacies. You can read about an example describing such a scenario of inherited family trauma that spawned over five generations in the 36 free pages of my Visual eBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours. To access it, please click here.

A shocking revelation

To me, Family Constellation Work was like a super highway that offered a fast track to True Freedom. I believed I had found my life's work. I was certain I would offer Constellation Work for the rest of my life. However, in December 2005, the above mentioned flash-knowing revealed an unbelievable fact. I was shown that the human body is devoid of a personal self. This understanding made my professional work instantly inconsequential. If the personal self does not exist the way I assumed, then what benefit did my work actually have, I wondered? The flash-knowing let me know that self-improvement entraps people in a never-ending merry-go-round. It was clear to me that at the level of the personal self, True Freedom cannot be achieved.

My integrity did not allow me to continue my work now that I knew self-improvement couldn't facilitate True Freedom. Right then and there, I closed the doors to my business without a moment’s consideration of what this might mean to my livelihood and future. I simply walked away from my profession and the life I had built for over a decade and a half.

The Liberation Process - an unknown phenomenon

What transpired after this has been the ride of a lifetime. With my Online Membership Support I am dedicated to share all I know and understand. Within six months, an incomprehensible deconstruction process ensued, which erased most of the content of my personal self. The previously sturdy sense of Margot Ridler became ever more flimsy. Its many thoughts, beliefs, ideas, concepts, values and meanings collapsed and eventually disappeared completely. Additionally, the ability to remain plugged into a regular Western lifestyle became impossible. Within a short few months, I was rendered homeless and almost penniless.

Having my personal self and stable life disassembled made absolutely no sense. During all the years of my professional studies in the arena of personal growth and transformation, I never heard or read anything about this kind of deconstruction happening to anyone. I began calling this freeing-up and cleansing movement the Liberation Process.

In 2007, after having endured two years in utter bewilderment, having no idea why this enormous loss and deconstruction had occurred, I came upon some fascinating written material. From it I understood that what I had been undergoing is traditionally called the spiritual awakening journey. I was in the process of uncovering my essential nature or true Self - the Self that exists beyond the personal self.

Learning to Rely on Direct-Guidance & Clear-Seeing

Needing to establish a new way of operating in life, which was a consequence of the deconstruction and loss I experienced, I practiced every day to live from my innate guidance-system. When we live from our true nature, all the normal fears, worries and uncertainties are no longer activated. No mental chatter occurs. No anxieties about how to survive or what to do with one’s life surface. No confusion is present about anything. Instead, vital aliveness, joy and calm are experienced.

I began having a bird’s eye view of life that allowed me to notice intricate aspects of human interactions I had been unaware of previously. It's because my mind had been preoccupied with non-stop mental chatter. My emotions had been running wild with fears, needs, hopes, wishes, likes, and dislikes. I simply was incapable of being fully present and taking accurate notice of what was happening in life. My experiences were tainted by preconceived beliefs and perspectives. My view of life, myself and other people was biased. However now, my warped perceptions were replaced with clear-seeing and direct-understanding. Suddenly, I knew what was right in each moment.

Spiritual Enlightenment - the ultimate goal of human beings

Finally, in November 2009, at the age forty-seven, my twenty-year search to reach True Freedom came to an end. The veil lifted that had allowed me to only perceive the material world. I was now able to also see the true nature of our physical existence. This moment of Clear-Seeing is traditionally called Spiritual Enlightenment. In that instant, I could see the underlying, invisible, formless foundation of our physical world, including my own personal self. It was the ultimate "Aha!" moment I had been after since I was twenty-eight years old. The flash-knowing from December 2005 made all of a sudden sense. Via my own direct-knowing I understood that the personal self does not exist. Only the true Self exists, which is everyone's true nature. It is immaterial, eternal, impersonal and unbound. It is the source of true happiness, joy, peace and freedom.

Sharing what I learned and helping others

Since 2012, I have dedicated my life anew. I am offering Constellation Work again - but from an awakened, clear-seeing perspective. I have come to understand the amazing value of Constellation Work in the Liberation Process and in coming to know True Freedom. After all, it was Constellation Work that assisted me in my journey towards freedom. Looking back, I am able to to see how Constellation Work can help others as well. My work now supports people not in improving but in deconstructing their personal self's programmed makeup so that a person's essential nature - the true Self - can shine forth freely. Please read a description how my work differs from traditional Family Constellation Work by clicking here. If you are interested in working with me, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here. I describe clearly what you can expect from working with me, as well as the pre-requisites I have for working with me. Thank you for your interest. I look forward hearing from you.