How Margot's Work Differs from traditional Family Constellation Work

What I learned from the liberation process from 2006 - 2009 and the clear-seeing in 2009 produced in me a fundamentally different understanding about life than is commonly taught, lived, and known.

First of all, I see the troubles you're facing in your life as entanglements with inherited programming and conditioning that cover up the real YOU so that the true Self is hindered in its free and full expressing.

Secondly, what you consider to be you - your personal self is made up of programming and conditioning that can be dismantled. I know this for a fact. It happened to me in 2006. The visuals in my unbook #1 and #2 will help you understand why this deconstruction of your personal self is beneficial and why it liberates the real YOU!

Thirdly, I'm aware that five layers of programming cover up the true Self. It's therefore my intent if you're asking for my assistance to help free your true nature in as quick and permanent way as possible.

In my work I still use the principles Hellinger discovered to heal family entanglements. In my one-on-one programs I work with Inner Constellations. In a group setting I mostly use Blind Constellations. This means representatives won't know what family member they represent. This blind participation allows for an absolutely clear feedback from the representatives because they have no idea who they are representing and what the client's challenges are.