Work with Margot

Releasing 5-Levels of Programming

Thank you for your interest in working with me. If you have found this page, you will most likely have read through my About Me page and have gotten to know me a little bit already. As you now know I've been through quite a journey since 2006, which allows me to see, know, and understand life very differently from what is commonly known.

My ability to facilitate quick releases of longstanding challenges has to do with my unique grasp on the matter of suffering. My current understanding evolved first of all from years of working trans-generationally with Family Constellations. Secondly, from the incredibly thorough spiritual awakening process I underwent, which you can read all about in my unbook #2 Truly Free At Last - Spiritual Enlightenment: Explained Like Never Before. Thirdly, from the clear-seeing, which allowed me to directly see the underlying non-physical (spiritual) dimension of the physical world. This is why the information you'll read below is unique to me.

I have come to realize that every person is bound by four levels of programming. This programming hinders the true Self from operating freely through the human form. When you release these four programmed layers, the real YOU is set free. This is when intrinsic joy, delight, wonder, and freedom spontaneously appear, which most people have no idea exist intrinsically within them.

Actually, there are five levels. However, releasing the fifth level cannot be facilitated. Grace releases that one. To understand the fifth level, please read my unbook #1 Beyond Self-Improvement - Go After True Freedom: Life Without Suffering Is Possible.

Hardly anyone knows anything about this fifth level of programming. I call it your claiming function. Your personal self is held in place with a function that claims everything as I, me, my, mine. Unbeknownst to most people, this claiming function can collapse and cease to exist. When this happens, a door opens to a whole new and unknown way of experiencing life. The 7-minute video clip on the homepage explains this matter with visuals.

I found out about this fifth layer of programming because I said a prayer repeatedly for an entire year, asking that my Margot Ridler programming is eliminated. I really had no idea what exactly I was asking for and what the effects would be if my Margot Ridler programming would really collapse. My prayer was answered in 2006 when I was thrust into the liberation process. One of the outcomes of this prayer was that the claiming function stopped to operate one day. You can watch the 25-minute video by clicking here where I describe why I said this prayer and what the results were.


Deprogramming the personal self

Not all people will address all five programmed layers in their work with me. Most people will touch upon only the first two or three levels. Nevertheless, I hold the awareness and consciousness of all five. This allows my clients to resonate with the vibration of freedom that is innate and intrinsic to them but hidden underneath the many densely knit programmed layers that make up the personal self.

The first level of programming revolves around your present-day persona and the challenges you have directly experienced in your life.

The second level of programming contains the trauma, belief systems, behavior patterns, thought processes, emotional responses and instinctual reflexes that you inherited from your parents and ancestors.

The third level of programming encompasses the collectively memorized and regurgitated behavior patterns that are part of our collective human storyline, which are unconsciously re-lived generation after generation.

The fourth level of programming represents the core of all programming, which is about self-preservation and individual physical survival. How are you unknowingly organizing your life so your survival, well-being and success are assured? What do you say yes or no to in order to feel safe, loved, wanted and that you have value and importance? Freeing your core survival programming allows you to live fearlessly in the world.

The fifth level of programming holds all programs together. The claiming function makes you believe every thought, feeling, emotion, instinct, and behavior is personally yours.


Uncovering your true nature

As you surrender these layers, the real YOU comes effortlessly to the foreground. It has been there all along. It simply had been covered up by the five levels of programming.

When you allow your non-physical (spiritual) true nature to be in charge, the programmed levels no longer run the show of your life. You're then moved in a way that is intrinsic to your essential beingness. Impulses for your life won't surface anymore that are generated by your programmed personal self, which are habitually geared toward gaining a benefit, reward, and success. It would stagger your imagination what kind of life you'd be leading if the real YOU would be able to direct your life 100%.