Free Your Life in 42 Days™

Thank you for your interest in my unique and powerful one-on-one program!

If you are interested in joining my program, where you'll work with me one-on-one for 42 days to uproot your long-standing, repetitive, and/or difficult life challenges, then please follow the steps below. Following these steps will help you determine if working with me is a good fit for you.

First, please read the rest of this page which will describe the program.
Second, please read the About Me page to learn about my background.
Third, please read the FAQ so your most pertinent questions will be answered.

After you read through these pages, the next step will be to schedule an Introductory Video Call with me. This call is set up for you to ask me questions about the Free Your Life in 42 Days™ program so that you can be certain that it will be a good fit for you. I'll explain to you how I'll specifically help you with your life challenges, and how it is possible to release your long-standing challenges in such a short time. This Introductory Video Call will last up to 90 minutes and costs U$300. If you decide to participate in the one-on-one Free Your Life in 42 Days™ program, the U$300 will be deducted from your program fee.

To schedule the Introductory Video Call please contact me using the contact form by clicking here. You can also access the contact form via the Contact tab located on the top and bottom menu bars. Please let me know in one to five precise sentences what your current challenge is from which you seek freedom. The more precise you are in your description, the easier it will be for me to get a sense of the programming involved in your difficulty. I will respond to you in one of two ways:

One, if I know that I can help you, I will contact you to schedule our Introductory Video Call. At the end of the call, if we are both in agreement, and after you paid the program fee, we'll schedule the begin of your Free Your Life in 42 Days™ program. Two, if I am not certain I can help you I'll email you to ask for more information.

Thank you for following the steps I laid out. It will help us both to make the most of our time. I look forward hearing from you.

Program Details

What's included in my Free Your Life in 42 Days™?

Here is what you'll get:

Week ONE

1. You will fill out a Family History Questionnaire.

2. After I review the Questionnaire, I will have an understanding of the programming you inherited from your family members and ancestors, which unbeknownst to you, you live out, and which cause the difficulties in your life.

3. As needed, I'll be in contact with you via email in case I require clarification on your family history. The email exchange we might engage in to gain clarity on your family member's various traumas and difficulties will be highly informative to you and might already generate insights and releases in you.


At the beginning of Week TWO, THREE, FOUR and FIVE, we'll schedule a 75-90 minute video call during which I'll lead you through an Inner Constellation (learn more about it here). These Inner Constellations will aid you to release the inherited programming you unconsciously are living out in your life so that you'll experience freedom from it.


During Week TWO through Week SIX, we'll remain in email contact as needed to help you integrated your newly-found freedom so that it can be fully embodied.

Does my program really work?

Yes! The results of my work are multifold. Please browse through my Client Testimonials by clicking here.

What results can you expect?

You can expect to:

• Have big breakthroughs and Aha! moments
• Understand how your personal self functions and how your programmed self keeps joy, aliveness, peace and freedom away from you
• Experience calm, peace and freedom where you had felt stuck and trapped before
• Feel that a whole new way of life is opening up for you
• See and experience yourself in a much more expanded, free and more alive manner
• No longer operate from the same mindset and emotional reactivity - they have miraculously disappeared
• Gain enormous trust in life to guide you in the most perfect way
• Feel solid and grounded in your powerful Essence
• Know how to differentiate between the voice of your programmed self and the voice of your powerful Essence
• Opportunities that hadn’t existed before show suddenly up on your doorstep
• Sense that completely new possibilities are available to you, which you could not conceive of before

How quickly will you experience more freedom?

Results will most likely have anchored in your life by the 42nd day. But changes, openings and releases toward freedom will have only begun. You can expect changes to continue for at least two years, maybe even longer. The changes and releases will appear in your life completely on their own in an effortless and organic way. It will not even occur to you to connect future changes with our work. You can expect that over time, your internal and external freedom will continue to grow, new ways of expressing yourself will continue to surface, new opportunities will come your way and you will continue to feel your previous restrictions to loosen and disappear. This happens all the time!

Are you interested to work with me?

If yes, I'd be happy to help you find freedom in your life. Please proceed to the Frequently Asked Question page by clicking here so you understand my prerequisites for accepting a client into my one-on-one Free Your Life in 42 Days™ program. Please also make sure you read through the About Me page so you know about my background. When you are ready to schedule the 50-minute video call, please contact me using the contact form. Thank you!