How Margot's Work Differs from traditional Family Constellation Work

The intense Liberation Process from 2006 - 2009 and the Clear-Seeing in 2009 which traditionally is called spiritual awakening or enlightenment, produced in me a fundamentally different understanding about life than we are taught.

First of all, I no longer see the troubles my clients are facing as challenges belonging to their personal self. I see all difficulties now as passed-down, inherited programming that covers up the true Self.

Secondly, I am aware the personal self is a mental, emotional, instinctual and behavioral construct that has no substantial reality. I know my clients' true nature is the true Self, which currently is expressing itself through their programmed human form. The freedom, joy and fulfillment every person longs to experience are intrinsic to their powerful Essence. These qualities do not have to be generated. They already exist. They just have to be set free.

In my work today, I continue to utilize the principles Bert Hellinger discovered for healing family entanglements. For this, I employ Inner Constellations in my one-on-one program Free Your Life in 42 Days™. During Constellation Workshops to Deprogram the personal self and Free the true Self™ I mostly use Blind Constellations. These unique constellation processes help my clients release the five layers of programming that constitute the personal self. Since it is these layers of programming that entrap the true Self, my clients are thus able to uncover their true nature. The intent of my current work is to set a person’s true Self free in as permanent, quick and effective way as possible.