90-Day In-Depth Healing Program

I'm happy to provide your with this in-depth program. Are you ready for such intense work?

90-Day Program Details

Here is what's included:

Week ONE (Day 1-7)

1. After I've determined I'll be able to work with you, I'll ask you to prepay the program fee by sending you a purchase link. Once I received your payment, I'll send you a family history questionnaire to fill out. I'll also send you as my gift a link to my unbook #1 True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Is Possible, which I would like you to begin reading. I want you to understand that the release work we'll be engaging in will take place on the personality and soul level. You will be letting go of programming and family entanglements on that level that cover up your true nature - the real YOU. My work essentially helps the real YOU to come to the foreground so it can shine forth in its full glory. It is extremely helpful to understand the mechanics at work when engaging in intensive deprogramming and healing work. I need you to understand that my work doesn't revolve around making your personal self better and stronger. My work is about removing the programming and conditioning you inherited and live out that hinder the real YOU from expressing itself fully and freely.

2. Once I receive your filled-out questionnaire, I will take two to three days to review it. I will meditate with what you wrote to get an intuitive understanding of your family dynamics and how you are entangled with your family's past. Since we have twelve weeks together and nine video calls, we'll be able to work on releasing a variety of issues.

3. Within the first few days I'll send you instructions to perform what I call a candle healing ceremony. I will design this candle ceremony specifically for your particular situation. I'll ask you to do this candle ceremony for at least three days once a day for about ten to fifteen minutes. This candle ceremony will help generate a link with your ancestors and the persons with which you seek healing so that we'll be able to engage in our healing work more easily.

4. During this first week, I'll be in contact with you via email in case I require clarification on what you wrote and/or if I need any additional information. We might go back and forth via email quite a bit before our first video call to make sure I have all the information I need to lead you through a successful healing/letting-go session. Our back-and-forth correspondence might be helpful to you and might already generate insights and healing in you.


Week TWO (Day 8-14)

At the beginning of the second week, we'll have our first 90 - 120 minute video call. To begin, we'll briefly go over the things you wrote in your questionnaire and talk about any concerns or questions you may have. I'll explain the process I'll be leading you through to make sure you understand clearly what we'll be doing so that you will feel safe and comfortable. To read up on what an Inner Constellation entails, please click here.

After our first video call, during Week TWO, we'll remain in email contact as needed so you have support and guidance in integrating the healing movement that was started during our call. You can email me every day if needed in case you have questions, want help with understanding something, want support, or confirmation that what you're going through after the call is normal and part of the healing process. There might be more sadness that needs to move through you. You might remember things you had forgotten to mention during our call for which you might want my input. Or you might just simply want to know someone is standing 100% by your side you in your healing journey. I'll be there for you.

This is the reason I've set up my work and my fee the way I have. You'll have access to me everyday, at anytime as needed for 42 days. This is a service I do not know anyone else offering in the therapeutic/healing market place. I want you to succeed in becoming free of programming, conditioning, and family entanglements so that you can live a life of true freedom. To this end goal I am 100% committed. I'll do whatever is in my power to assist you in your journey to be free at last!


Week THREE and Week FOUR (Day 15-30)

At the beginning of Week THREE (Day 15) and Week FOUR (Day 22), we'll have another 90 - 120 minute video call. We'll discuss anything that is important for you to share or you want to ask me and then we'll engage in an Inner Constellation. During Week THREE and FOUR, we'll remain in email contact as needed as I explained for week TWO.


Month TWO and THREE (Day 31-90)

There will be three 90 - 120 minute video calls scheduled during month TWO and three 90 - 120 minute video calls  scheduled during month THREE.  As stated above, we'll discuss anything that is important to talk about or you want to ask me and then we'll engage in an Inner Constellation. During month TWO and THREE we'll remain in email contact as needed as I explained for week TWO.


Here's abbreviated what the 90-Day In-Depth consists of:

1. Evaluating your filled-out family history questionnaire
2. Providing a candle ritual
3. Email communication before first video call
4. Nine (9) 90 - 120 minutes video calls to engage in Inner Constellations
5. Twelve (12) weeks of daily email support as needed to assist you in anchoring in the changes that are instigated during our phone sessions

90-Day Program Fee: US $3,500


Does my 21-Day Quick Release really work?

Yes! The results of my work are multi-fold. Please browse through my client testimonials by clicking here.

What results can you expect?

You can expect to:

• Have big breakthroughs and Aha! moments
• Understand how your personal self functions and how your programmed self keeps joy, aliveness, peace and freedom away from you
• Experience calm, peace and freedom where you had felt stuck and trapped before
• Feel that a whole new way of life is opening up for you
• See and experience yourself in a much more expanded, free and more alive manner
• No longer operate from the same mindset and emotional reactivity - they have miraculously disappeared
• Gain enormous trust in life to guide you in the most perfect way
• Feel solid and grounded in your true nature
• Know how to differentiate between the voice of your programmed self and the voice of your real YOU
• Opportunities that hadn’t existed before show suddenly up on your doorstep
• Sense that completely new possibilities are available to you, which you could not conceive of before

How quickly will you experience these results?

Results will most likely have been anchored in your life by the 42nd day. But changes, openings and releases toward freedom will have only begun. You can expect changes to continue for at least two years, maybe even longer. The changes and releases will appear in your life completely on their own in an effortless and organic way. It will not even occur to you to connect future changes with our work. You can expect that over time, your internal and external freedom will continue to grow, new ways of expressing yourself will continue to surface, new opportunities will come your way, and you will continue to feel your previous restrictions to loosen and disappear.

Are you ready to get started?

If yes, then please write to me and tell me

1. in a few sentences what the issues are you want to resolve,
2. that you're interested in the 90-Day Program,
3. why you're confident what I offer is a good fit for you,
4. how you found out about my work and came to my website.

Thank you!

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