Who you are today, how you think and feel is based on your unique level of consciousness.

This level of consciousness is programmed and conditioned. You can instantly change your life and circumstances when you operate from your real YOU.

Tired of working on yourself?

Wish you'd stop making the same mistakes?

Is self-improvement taking you in circles?

Do you long to just relax and enjoy life?

If yes, then Welcome!

You've come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Margot Ridler. I know what it is like. I have worked on myself nonstop for many years. But there is another way. The peace, happiness, joy and freedom you seek are innate to you. You must simply free your true nature from being trapped. To assist you, I created the potent, one-on-one intensive program CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 42 DAYS™.

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  • I desperately needed help with a feeling of anger I was no longer able to control. Six months later, I can hardly remember how it felt being angry all the time. I can finally feel free and peaceful. 
    Laissa C.
  • The difference I feel since working with Margot is profound. Things that used to trigger me, don’t anymore. I feel a sense of peace now that I have never had before. 
    Amanda G.
  • Margot’s work is magnificent, transformative and profound. I learned working with Margot that the untrue stories we tell ourselves are at the core of our unhappiness.
    Gary L.

I have helped many people like you to...

live with more joy, aliveness, freedom, intuition, direct-guidance, peace and flow.

become free of challenges and difficulties that no other modality could release.

connect to their true, essential nature so that they could live a life that's really right for them.

"To bring about true change you must surrender the past.

In the game of liberation losing means winning."

Want to learn more?

Margot's first-ever unBook introduces you to her unbelievable spiritual awakening journey and all that she learned from the mind-boggling spiritual enlightenment event that occurred in 2009. 

Margot's unBook is Now Available:

Self-Improvement versus True Freedom


Access first 100 pages FREE!

Discover the reasons you feel unhappy in your life and how to set your True Nature free.

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What people are saying about Margot's unBook:

Tyler T.

This unBook is dynamite. The visuals are unique and convey the message in a way that has never been done before. The personal stories Margot utilizes are awesome and really get the point across. Margot hammers the distinction between the liberation process and personal transformation that I think everyone will get, which seems to be the thrust of Margot's unBook.


Alisa B.

The unBook is grand! The ordinary mind thought it was just another self-help book. Boy oh boy was it wrong! Your unBook put the finishing touches (and ended) my search. After reading your book a few times it finally dawned on me to see my depressing thoughts for what they are - only a program running. This morning, those darn depressing thoughts weren't there!

Robert F.

The unBook is awesome. My suggestion is to read it slowly and savor it. Give it ample time to process and assimilate. Pay attention to the illustrations. They are powerful. And then read it again. Thanks so much for this experience, Margot! I will refer to the visuals frequently as I continue my explorations with both releasing self-programming and spiritual awakening.

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