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Say Good Bye Now

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If you're hurting because a relationship has ended with someone to whom you were deeply connected or a beloved person has died, it can feel devastating. You might feel you've lost your stable footing and that there is nothing in life that makes you want to go on. There is a way to heal your grief and loss, which will allow you to quickly find peace and strength again. It does not have to take long to overcome a loss so that you can move on in your life in a good way.

I can help you speak to the soul of your former husband, wife, partner, friend, or deceased beloved. I didn't know about the soul aspects of human beings until the mid 1990s when I discovered Family Constellation Work. Thanks to this truly revolutionary healing method I realized there exists more to human beings than the physical body. I learned we actually have a soul. Years later, I underwent a four-year spiritual awakening process and discovered that in addition to the physical body and the soul, people also possess a spiritual aspect as part of their complete human architecture.

If you are interested to find out more, my unbook #1 Beyond Self-Improvement - Seek True Freedom As Life Without Suffering Is Possible provides detailed information. You can read the Introduction and Part 1 for free by clicking here.

Thanks to my spiritual awakening I understood that the soul aspect of a person is like a memory collector. All thoughts, feelings, emotions, instinctual impulses are recorded in what is commonly called soul. This aspect of a person exists independently from the body. When a person is no longer present with us and has moved on, we nonetheless can communicate on a soul level with them. The same is true when a person has died, the soul does not die. This is why it is possible to communicate with the soul after a person has died. If you want to learn more, my unbook provides detailed information, which is derived not from book-knowledge, but from my own direct experience. You will also find full-page color visuals that will help you comprehend these vitally important, but hardly understood aspects of people's complete human architecture. You will find below the details of how I'll assist you with my 21-Day Say Good Bye Now Program and what it entails. The fee is US $650.


Program Details


Here's how I would help you say a final good bye so you can move on in your life in a good way. After you purchased the 21-Day Quick Release Program and provided me with basic information about your situation, we'll set a time for a 90 - 120 minute video call. During the call, I'll lead you through an Inner Constellation where you'll communicate with the soul of the person to whom you're saying good bye. I'll guide you in this communication so that by the end of our call you will feel strengthened and at peace. I've itemized for you below what exactly the 21-Day Quick Release Program entails.


Here is what's included:

Week ONE (Day 1-7)

1. After you pay the program fee, I'll send you a Questionnaire to fill out. In this form you will specify information I will need so I can facilitate a proper healing movement for you. For instance, I'll ask you to let me know about the person to whom you're wanting to say good bye, the circumstances involved with the parting, how you are currently challenged so that you are seeking help, etc.

2. Once I receive your filled-out Questionnaire I will take two to three days to review it. I will meditate with what you wrote to get an intuitive understanding of the soul dynamic involved with the person you're saying good bye to.

3. I will send you instructions to perform what I call a candle ritual that I specifically design for your particular situation. I will ask you to do this candle ritual for at least three days once a day for about ten to fifteen minutes. This candle ritual will help you generate a link on a soul level with the other person so that we'll be able to engage in our release work more easily.

4. During this first week, I'll be in contact with you via email in case I require clarification on what you wrote and/or if I need any additional information. We might go back and forth via email quite a bit before our video call to make sure I have all the information I need to lead you through a successful healing/letting-go session. Our back-and-forth correspondence might be helpful to you and might already generate insights and healing releases in you.


Week TWO (Day 8)

At the beginning of the second week, we'll have our 90 - 120 minute video call. To begin, we'll briefly will go over the things you wrote in your Questionnaire and talk about any concerns or questions you may have. I'll explain the Inner Constellation process I'll be leading you through to make sure you understand clearly what we'll be doing so that you will feel safe and comfortable. To read up on what an Inner Constellation entails, please click here.


Week TWO and THREE (Day 8-21)

After our video call session, during Week TWO and THREE, we'll remain in email contact as needed so you have support and guidance in integrating the healing movement that was started during our call. You can email me every day if needed in case you have questions, want help with understanding something, want support, or confirmation that what you're going through after the call is normal and part of the healing process. There might be more sadness that needs to move through you. You might remember things you had forgotten to mention during our call for which you might want my input. Or you might just simply want to know someone is standing 100% by your side you in your healing journey. I'll be there for you the entire 21 days, which will be enough time for you to move through the healing process.

This is the reason I've set up my work and my fee the way I have. You'll have access to me everyday, at anytime as needed for 21 days. This is a service I do not know anyone else offering in the therapeutic/healing market place.


Does my 21-Day Quick Release really work?

Yes! The results of my work are multi-fold. Please browse through my client testimonials by clicking here.

What results can you expect?

You can expect to:

• feel like a huge burden has lifted from you
• feel calm and peaceful inside
• feel okay with moving on in your life
• have a sense that life has good things in store for you
• be hopeful and joyous again
• feel strengthened by the whole experience

How quickly will you experience these results?

Some or possibly all of these results will most likely be present in you by the 21st day. However, changes, openings and releases will continue for several weeks or months afterwards and appear on their own in an effortless and organic way. You can expect that over time an internal freedom in regards to the letting-go and having moved on in your life will establish itself.

What is the fee?

The fee for the 21-Day Quick Release Program is US $650.

Are you ready to get started?

If yes, please purchase the 21-Day Quick Release Program by clicking the button below. As soon as I receive your payment I'll send out the Questionnaire to you. One I receive your filled-out Questionnaire, our 21 days together will begin. Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions, feel free to write to me using the Contact Form. Thank you!


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