21-Day Quick Release Program


What exactly does my one-on-one Quick Release 21-Day Program include?

I offer the 21-Day Program to you if you want to find freedom from an issue that can be solved with one video call and three weeks of email support. Since my Inner Constellations are truly unique and very powerful, the 21-Day Program is a good place for you to start to release a single burdensome issue. The initial fee is US $650 for the 21-Days of working together. Follow up 14-Day Programs are US $350. If you are interested, please fill out the Application Form by clicking here.


Here is what you'll get:

Week ONE (Day 1-7)

1. After you pay the program fee, I will send you a Family History Questionnaire to fill out. In this form you will specify the essential details of your family history. I will also ask you to describe clearly the issue from which you would like to find freedom.

2. Once I receive your filled-out Family History Questionnaire, I will take a few days to review it. I will meditate with it to get an intuitive understanding of your family history and the inherited programming involved. This allows me to see which programming needs to be given priority to be released so that you'll access more freedom in your life.

3. As needed during this first week, I will be in contact with you via email in case I require clarification on your family history. This back and forth email exchange with you before our video call can be quite involved, depending on your family history. This correspondence will also be highly informative to you and might already generate insights and releases in you.

Day 8

At the beginning of Week TWO, we will have our 90-120 minute video meeting. I will ask you to state again the intent for your work, which might have changed and deepened due to our email correspondence. I will go over your family history with you and explain the four levels of programming you are entangled with. I will show you how this and other programming creates your self-identity. What else will happen during our video meeting I cannot tell you because each process is directed via intuitive guidance and geared towards your best possible outcome. We will engage in an Inner Constellation (learn more about it here) to assist you in releasing the programming you are carrying, which covers up your true nature - your real YOU.

Week TWO and THREE (Day 8-21)

During Week TWO and THREE, we will remain in email contact as needed for you to integrate the information that was presented during our video call so that your newly-found freedom can be fully embodied.

Does my program really work?

Yes! The results of my work are multifold. Please browse through my Client Testimonials by clicking here.

What results can you expect?

You can expect to:

• Have big breakthroughs and Aha! moments
• Understand how your personal self functions and how your programmed self keeps joy, aliveness, peace and freedom away from you
• Experience calm, peace and freedom where you had felt stuck and trapped before
• Feel that a whole new way of life is opening up for you
• See and experience yourself in a much more expanded, free and more alive manner
• No longer operate from the same mindset and emotional reactivity - they have miraculously disappeared
• Gain enormous trust in life to guide you in the most perfect way
• Feel solid and grounded in your powerful Essence
• Know how to differentiate between the voice of your programmed self and the voice of your powerful Essence
• Opportunities that hadn’t existed before show suddenly up on your doorstep
• Sense that completely new possibilities are available to you, which you could not conceive of before

How quickly will you experience more freedom?

The results will most likely have anchored in your life by the 21st day. But changes, openings and releases toward freedom will have only begun. You can expect changes to continue for at least two years, maybe even longer. The changes will appear in your life completely on their own in an effortless and organic way. It will not even occur to you to connect future changes with our work. You can expect that over time, your internal and external freedom will continue to grow, new ways of expressing yourself will continue to surface, new opportunities will come your way and you will continue to feel your previous restrictions to loosen and disappear. This happens all the time!

Does what you've read so far sound good?

If yes, I'd be happy to help you find freedom in your life from a challenge you've been burdened with and set your true nature free. Please proceed to the Frequently Asked Question page by clicking here so you understand the pre-requisites I have for people to work with me one on one. I very much look forward to connect with you. If you have any question, at any time, please feel free to contact me. Use the Contact Form by clicking here. Thank you for your interest!