You are a gift to this world

that only can be fully given

once you've become truly free

Are you tired of working on yourself?

Do you wish you were finally done?
Is self-improvement taking you in circles?
Do you wish you could just relax and enjoy life?

If yes, then welcome!
You have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Margot Ridler. I am the creator of Change your Life in 42 Days: A System For Releasing Trans-Generational Programming, Ancestral Healing Workshops and the educational member-only platform True Freedom versus Personal Transformation. ​I know what it’s like to work on yourself non-stop with self-improvement year after year only to find that not much in your life has actually changed. That’s why my system is revolutionizing the entire industry with people just like yourself getting amazing results. With my work you will not improve yourself. You will set yourself free. Discover the difference in my unBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement. See info right below:

Discover how you can live with real


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Something utterly unbelievable happened to me. After I had worked in the personal growth industry for almost two decades, I suddenly found myself stripped of my personal self's makeup. A freedom, joy and aliveness became present I could have never imagined possible. Find out what I learned in my Visual unBook: True Freedom versus Self-Improvement.

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My system has helped people just like you to…

live with more joy, aliveness, freedom, direct-guidance, intuition, peace and flow.


free themselves of challenges and difficulties no other modality could release.

connect to their essential nature so that they could live what's truly right for them.

  • I desperately needed help with a feeling of anger I was no longer able to control. Six months later, I can hardly remember how it felt being angry all the time. I can finally feel free and peaceful. 
    Laissa C.
  • The difference I feel since working with Margot is profound. Things that used to trigger me, don’t anymore. I feel a sense of peace now that I have never had before. 
    Amanda G.
  • Margot’s work is magnificent, transformative and profound. I learned working with Margot that the untrue stories we tell ourselves are at the core of our unhappiness.
    Gary L.

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