Did you know that beneath your thoughts, emotions and automatic behaviors is located the unfathomable treasure of the true Self?

Learn about the true Self - the only place true happiness is found

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Praise for Margot's unBook:

Alisa B: The unBook is grand! The ordinary mind thought it was just another self-help book. Boy oh boy was it wrong! Margot's unBook put the finishing touches (and ended) my search. After reading Margot's unBook a few times it finally dawned on me to see my depressing thoughts for what they are - only a program running. This morning, those darn depressing thoughts weren't there!


Are you tired of working on yourself?
Do you wish you were finally done?
Is personal growth taking you in circles?

Do you want to just relax and enjoy life?


If yes, then welcome!

Hi, my name is Margot Ridler. I am an intuitive visionary and a Family Constellation facilitator since 1998. ​I know what it’s like to work on yourself year after year only to find that the happiness and freedom you are after are still evading you. I finally discovered WHY? A spiritual awakening stripped me of everything so that I'd be empty enough to understand a truth about life I didn't know exists. This truth has the power to set YOU truly free.

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Margot Ridler

To bring about real change, you must surrender how you are linked to the past. Only then can you birth life experiences that are truly worthwhile and thus far unknown in our world.

Margot helps people just like you to...

live with more joy, freedom, peace, direct-guidance and flow.

find freedom from difficulties you have been unable to release.

connect to the true Self so you can live what's truly right for you.

Why is Margot's approach so unique?

It's because Margot sees suffering as your extraordinary opportunity to discover lasting freedom, joy and happiness.

The idea seems odd that your challenges could hold the key to free you from your existential suffering. But from personal experience I can say this is absolutely true. It is due to our difficulties that we have the chance to unearth a freedom most of us have no idea can be lived in this world.


Margot Ridler
  • I desperately needed help with a feeling of anger I was no longer able to control. Six months later, I can hardly remember how it felt being angry all the time. I can finally feel free and peaceful. 
    Laissa C.
  • The difference I feel since working with Margot is profound. Things that used to trigger me, don’t anymore. I feel a sense of peace now that I have never had before. 
    Amanda G.
  • Margot’s work is magnificent, transformative and profound. I learned working with Margot that the untrue stories we tell ourselves are at the core of our unhappiness.
    Gary L.

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Margot shares her experiences with Family Constellation Work and her spiritual awakening journey, which culminated in 2009 in a Clear-Seeing, which traditionally is called spiritual enlightenment. Margot lived for 3 1/2 years as a homeless, penniless, wandering hermit. Her awakening journey is filled with one of a kind insights, understanding and adventures.




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