I’ve been through an unfathomable spiritual and worldly awakening journey that allows me to look at life with completely new eyes. This is why I've begun to call myself an Intuitive Visionary. I see a potential in human beings for awesomeness, joy, happiness, satisfaction, and beauty that isn't common knowledge.

Since the late 1980s, I've been involved in the self-improvement and personal growth industry. More than a decade and a half later, in 2005, at the height of my career, a flash-knowing revealed to me a secret. Personal empowerment and self-improvement cannot bring about the happiness and peace my clients and I longed to experience, which I now call True Freedom.

Self-improvement - as the term implies - improves the self. The goal is to make one's self more positive, better functioning, and happier by transforming negative aspects of one's programmed makeup into positive ones. However, on this ominous day in 2005, I understood that True Freedom cannot be reached this way. Eventually, over a four-year period I would learn that the self we take ourselves to be is not who we really are. It's a mere programmed structure made up of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, ideologies, emotions, instinctual drives and automatic behaviors. Since this self is a conglomerate of programmed mental, emotional, instinctual and physical forces it can never be the source of true peace and happiness.

I understood that apart and beyond our programmed self, which we took ourselves to be, existed our immortal, true (spiritual) nature - your real YOU or the true Self. The reason we weren't able to experience True Freedom had to do with the fact that our true nature was trapped within the tangles of our programmed and conditioned self.

When we engage in self-improvement work we aren't actually freeing our true nature. Instead, we encapsulate it in positive thoughts and emotions so that the true Self remains trapped.

I came to this understanding after having been thrust into a four-year worldly awakening and ego-deconstruction process, which I call the Liberation Process. For me, within a six month period, the makeup of my personal self was almost completely eradicated. All the thoughts, beliefs, ideas, concepts, and values that had given meaning and substance to my life disappeared one by one. It was as if the entire makeup of my personal self was scrubbed clean. My previously sturdy sense of Margot Ridler was becoming ever more flimsy and unsustainable. Additionally, the ability to remain plugged into a regular Western lifestyle became harder and harder, and eventually impossible. Within a short few months I was rendered homeless and almost penniless.

Having my personal self and stable life disassembled, although frightening and extremely unsettling at times, it allowed me to get in touch with an ever-present presence and internal voice that had always been there. It's how I understood that the sturdy and all-encompassing makeup of my personal self had covered up the true Self so that I hardly ever noticed it was there even though it always was the underlying source of who "I" truly am.

I see the COVID-19 pandemic as a collective Liberation Process. All of humanity has been thrust into this forced collapse of our stable life, our stable relationships, our stable jobs, our stable environments, and our stable routines. It's an opportunity on a grand scale to heal old grievances, let go of old programmed ways, remove thoughts, believes, ideas, ideologies, patterns, and conditioning that do not serve you any longer so that you free up space internally within your inner being. This will allow you to get in touch with your true nature, which has patiently waited in the shadows of your personal self to eventually being recognized and set free.

If you want to learn about the intricate makeup of your personal self that holds your immortal, non-physical true nature from operating freely in your life, and what it takes to live with True Freedom, check out my online live unBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours. You can access the first 36 pages for free by clicking here.

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