COVID-19: Your Wake Up Call

The information you find below is based on my direct personal and professional experience.

It's my hope to bring clarity to this confusing corona pandemic issue. I’ll share with you the trans-generational perspective, which I gained facilitating Family Constellations since 1998. I'll also provide the spiritually awake viewpoint I acquired from my own spiritual and worldly awakening process that began in 2003 when an illness that wouldn't heal by regular medical means kept me bedridden for six months.

When I first learned about the novel corona SARS CoV-2 virus, I followed the news media closely. The reports that were arriving from China and Italy were alarming. It seemed we had a very lethal pathogen on our hands. It was clear we needed to take every possible precaution to save lives and protect ourselves and others from harm.

However, when the announcement was made that the only way the pandemic would end would be when every human being on this planet was vaccinated, I knew we were sold something that wasn't true.

Quite a few medical doctors and vaccine experts came forward and spoke up right away. They voiced their concerns, stating that the data showed the virus wasn’t very deadly and therefore, vaccines were not necessary. Nevertheless, although highly credentialed, these professionals were instantly hushed up and negated as vaccine deniers.

We were told"Listen to the experts". "Science knows best." "Don't ask questions". "Do what the experts say".

You may not know this, but I was born and raised in Austria. My parents were children during the Nazi regime. My mom's father died on the Russian front. She only saw him once when she was a year old. You see her sitting on her father's lap in the photo below. It's the only time my mom ever saw her dad. My father's uncle also died as a young man during that war.

I must have inherited the memory of the effects of those times because the phrases "do as I say", "obey", "don't ask questions" and to blindly follow what I am told never sat right with me. Not even as a child.

I know that democracy and science function by discussing various viewpoints and opinions. When lots of different ideas come together, something great can emerge out of carefully weighing all the pros and cons. However with COVID, the ability for a variety of ideas being discussed was hindered from the get-go. There was only one particular viewpoint allowed, and that was the viewpoint of a vaccine being the only means to get humanity out of the pandemic and back to normal. I knew this was a lie.

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How did I know the official COVID story was a lie? There were two aspects. Both had to do with something I had learned. One learning had happened due to a personal interest, the other due to acquiring a professional skill.

I knew vaccines weren't necessary to fight a virus because I had extensively educated myself on the matter previously. Ever since 1986, when my son was a year old, I'd studied health and nutrition. I wanted to provide the best possible diet for my child so that he could grow a healthy and strong body. I spent hours upon hours for many years reading books, visiting seminars, ordering video cassettes tapes of lectures I then devoured. We ate a whole food, organic, mostly raw vegetarian diet with homegrown sprouts, freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices, delightful smoothies, self-made whole grain sourdough breads, and dehydrated raw seeds and nuts crackers.

On my own body, I also tried out most of the alternative healing practices that were available at the time. I engaged in water and juice fasts for up to ten days, did parasite and colon cleanses, supplemented with digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria, and added various vital herbal substances to my daily diet.

In the late 1980s, when most people hadn't even heard of vegetarianism, wheat grass juice, and kombucha tea, I was growing my own kombucha in the kitchen closet and regularly drank freshly harvested and homegrown barley grass juice. Years ahead of most everyone, I was fully engaged in the alternative health and whole-food lifestyle, which has now become mainstream.

Back then, I was looked at as crazy and weird. When I wanted to replace the artificially colored sugar water icicles for my son's elementary school fundraiser that had been used for many years with real fruit juice icicles, I was met with enormous opposition. "Nobody will buy them since nobody knows what they are", was the argument concerned parents shared with me.

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We've come a long way since then. The suggestion to use real fruit juice instead of colored sugar water wouldn't raise an eyebrow today. You can also buy nowadays wheat grass juice, kombucha tea, and friendly bacteria in almost all regular supermarkets without any problem.

Taking care of my son's and my own health in natural ways was our health insurance. We never went to see a regular medical doctor. I had a cabinet full of homeopathic and herbal remedies that would support our immune system in case we caught a cold.

My son had lots of ear infections when he was little. The only thing his pediatrician did was prescribe repeated rounds of antibiotics. This did not make sense to me. It's what initially got me to research health and nutrition. I wanted to help my son. I saw the drugs he was getting didn't help him. He kept getting sick.

From my studies I understood that antibiotics are extremely damaging to the microbiome so that immune functioning is lowered. Once I grasped what the body required to build a healthy, strong, and vital immune system to fight bacteria and viruses naturally, my son never got sick again.

We didn't have a regular medical doctor as a family physician, but we did have a homeopathic doctor we visited once in a while for wellness checkups. He had prescribed my son and I a homeopathic remedy, which would kick our immune system into gear when needed. All we had to do is take a few pellets as soon as we noticed cold or flu symptoms appear. Then the cold or flu wouldn't take hold in our bodies and we wouldn't get sick.

These little pellets, along with a whole food home-cooked organic vegetarian diet, essential supplements such as Vitamin C, a huge dose of daily sunshine (which was easy since we lived in Hawaii), fun, play, and lots of outdoor exercise kept my son and myself healthy and strong for many years.

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This is why I knew we weren’t told the truth with the official COVID-19 story. From my own first-hand experience I know that the human body has an inbuilt, highly effective, perfectly-functioning immune system that can fight any disease. However, the immune system must be given the health-promoting natural substances it needs to function properly.

Of course, the body itself must be healthy and strong. It's the only way our bodies' immune system can work as it’s designed to work. An unhealthy body will have a harder time fighting a bacterial or viral infection since the immune system will already be busy dealing with preexisting health issues.

Right here, in regards to health, you must have a worldly awakening

Is it true what you are told that only drugs, vaccines, and medical interventions can make you well and protect you from getting sick? Or exists there a step prior to you getting sick where you have the ability to affect your own body and immune system to either be healthy and strong or sickly and weak? Is your health and well-being really dependent on a doctor? Or is your health and well-being dependent on your own personal choices, decisions, behaviors, and actions? Is it possible to be your own authority in your own life? Or is it required for you to live a good life in this world to hand over your authority to external sources and other people who tell you they know better than you what's right and good for you?

Worldly awakening is about you questioning EVERYTHING. You MUST questioning everything you have been told in the past, are currently being told in the present, have been programmed to believe, know for certain and have never doubted. Only by questioning everything and coming to your own, individual, personal conclusions is it possible to live a truly free life in this world. Questioning EVERYTHING is required for worldly awakening.

What I find most astonishing is how many spiritual people, even those who call themselves spiritually awake, along with highly educated people have never engaged in worldly awakening. Their focus is solely on spiritual awakening. But worldly and spiritual awakening go hand in hand. If you have one without the other, your awakening will be lopsided. It won't be integrated and fully functional.

If you are worldly awake and see through the hidden agendas, lies, and manipulations that exist in this world without spiritual awakening, you will be angry and frustrated. You won't be able to grasp the big picture. You won't understand that every adversity contains within it an opportunity to expand your consciousness and grow beyond your inherited programming and conditioning. You won’t know that you are to discover your immortal (spiritual) true nature and learn to operate from it.

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Living on this beautiful planet Earth, you are to learn to listen to and follow the higher wisdom with which your non-physical true nature is intrinsically linked. You are to comprehend that you are not merely your physical body, your thoughts, emotions, and instincts - but there exists so much more to you than meets the eyes.

You are to realize that you inherited from your family and culture programming and conditioning with which you understand and perceive the world. You are to overcome this programming and conditioning, and not simply follow your fears and instinctual impulses.

When you give in to your fears and instinctual impulses you are susceptible to following the crowd, participating in herd mentality, and engaging in herd behavior.

It’s possible you do not understand to what degree you might be influenced by other people. It may seem you make your own decisions...but are you really? Click here to read a report about the UK government's public service workers of how easily they nudge people to go into the direction they want them to go. Click here to read an article by The Guardian about this nudge team as they are called.

Allowing yourself to be guided by conformity, group think, and peer pressure makes you blind to the motives, intentions, and goals of the people you are following.

Fully integrated worldly and spiritual awakening means you're fully conscious and aware of EVERYTHING that is going on around you. It means you will know if the people you're trusting are truly operating from their highest integrity, morality, and seek to do good in this world. Or are these persons merely uttering great-sounding words that have no true basis underpinning them? Saying something that sounds good, and truly meaning it, are two different things. It's imperative to know the difference. We'll touch upon this dichotomy a little further on.

All human beings are born with an innate guidance-system. This guidance-system is to direct you not only towards your own highest good, but also towards the highest good of everyone and everything involved. This is the case for every single human being alive on this planet.

This is why it's imperative to stop following outer-directed and other-directed mandates, orders, and dictates. You MUST learn to follow ONLY your own intuitive (non-thinking) direct-knowing as you receive this knowing via your own guidance-system. How this guidance-system works, why you possess it, where within your human makeup it is located, why you may not have access to it, and how to be consciously aware when this higher wisdom communicates with you through your guidance-system, I cover in great detail in my live online curriculum Programmed No More: True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours.

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As human beings we are to birth the higher (spiritual) qualities and functionalities of the True Man and the True Woman, which are mostly unknown. This birthing process entails overcoming your fear-based and instinct-based programming and conditioning. As you engage this freeing-up and embodiment process you'll eventually anchor into your life your birthright of what I call: True Freedom.

The COVID crisis is such a great catalyst for this cleansing, releasing, and re-organizing to take place since your core instinctual fears about death and dying are challenged. Will you listen to your own inner wisdom and guidance about what is good and right for you? Or will you follow others and the crowd? Will you trust your own higher wisdom to direct and guide you in your life? Or will you let your fears move you to comply with what you're told?

At this special time in history, your worldly and spiritual awakening is supercharged by bringing your greatest fears, doubts, and incongruencies to the surface with record speed and unprecedented force.

I highly recommend you make good use of this unique opportunity. Get in touch with your true nature and your innate guidance-system. Swiftly clear away, heal, and let go of any old programming and conditioning. That’s how you bring about True Freedom in your life.

Now, if you are spiritually awake but not worldly awake you will, to varying degrees, keep living out your habitual programming and conditioning without even realizing you are doing so. You will inadvertently keep supporting systems and people that are operating based on lies, deceit, and manipulations without you having any idea that lies, deceit, and manipulations are occurring. That is not freedom. That’s being worldly asleep even though you might be spiritually awake.

The corona pandemic offers you a once in a lifetime chance to become a fully awake, conscious, autonomous, self-directed, self-governed, and self-ruled human being. This can only happen when spiritual and worldly awakening are fully integrated.

The kind of world that can be created once people allow themselves to be guided by their higher wisdom cannot be fathomed at this time. When truly awake, conscious, and self-determined individuals come together as a collective humanity to share their unique individual genius, gifts, and ingenuity for the betterment of the entire world, the sky is the limit.


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Being worldly awake, self-guided, and self-responsible in regards to health

There are a few inexpensive and even free things everyone can do as a preventative measure to assist their immune system to ward off disease, and also use as early treatment options in case the body is invaded by a virus or bacteria. I will briefly list the items below that I know of and have successfully used myself, with my son, and my loved ones. In case you're unfamiliar with these natural remedies you might find this list helpful. I've also linked published scientific studies related to each remedy so that you can see there's scientific and even medical proof associated with them.

What's fascinating is that most of the studies I will list for you are published on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website. That institute belongs to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of which Dr. Anthony Fauci is a part.The NIH is the United States nation’s medical research agency. It is devoted according to its website to making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.

How is it possible that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been director of the The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, which is one of 27 institutes and centers that make up the NIH, had not a single preventative or early treatment protocol to share with the American people? The only remedy Dr. Fauci announced was a vaccine that wasn’t even developed at the beginning of the pandemic, let alone tested for safety and advocacy. Fauci couldn’t know if a vaccine was going to be developed in a reasonable time frame and if it would even work.

Therefore, how could Dr. Fauci make such a statement? Especially since I knew offhand of several preventative and early treatment protocols that could have been implemented immediately that would have helped the American people and the people around the world. On top of that, I had found a plethora of published scientific studies on the subject of prevention and early treatment of viral infections via a simple Google search. No expensive doctor visits were required, no elaborate drug protocols had to be prescribed, these remedies had no side effects, were 100% natural, and easily available to be accessed by everyone.


Dr. Anthony Fauci is director for The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which means knowing all about viruses and bacteria is his specialty. The mission statement on the NIAID's website reads as follows: NIAID conducts and supports basic and applied research to better understand, treat, and ultimately prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases. For more than 60 years, NIAID research has led to new therapies, vaccines, diagnostic tests, and other technologies that have improved the health of millions of people in the United States and around the world.

Did you know that in the fiscal year of 2021 the NIAID's budget was $6.1 billion? Check out the picture above. It's stated right on Dr. Fauci's NIAID page. So, $6.1 billion dollars were spent and the American people and the people around the world got as their only option to deal with the SARS CoV-2 virus a gene-based mRNA injection that was going to be emergency-rushed, minimally tested for just a few months, and had never before been administered to human beings. No long term testing would have been done. No information would be existing about any potential long-term dangers and side effects.

A new book by Robert Kennedy, Jr. was released in November 2021 called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. It's currently the number one book on Amazon’s top seller list. Kennedy Jr. exposes Dr. Fauci’s many decades-long corrupt dealings and as he states, extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and thousands of influential doctors and scientists — whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance, or reward.

If alleviating COVID-19 related suffering and deaths would have really been top priority of our politicians, official medical doctors, policy makers, and scientists why did no one - not even a single time!!! - mention that people should consider adding Vitamin C to their daily regimen? Vitamin C is widely known as a strong immune booster.

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A study about Vitamin C was posted in October 1999 at the NIH National Library of Medicine titled, The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections. The study showed that flu and cold symptoms decreased 85% after administration high doses of Vitamin C. The conclusion of the study states, Vitamin C in megadoses administered before or after the appearance of cold and flu symptoms relieved and prevented the symptoms in the test population compared with the control group.

Secondly, why didn't the official scientists and medical advisors in charge of the COVID-19 pandemic mention anything about utilizing antiviral and antibacterial herbal supplements as a prevention or early treatment for the SARS CoV-2 corona virus? A variety of herbal substances are known to fight bacterial and viral infections naturally. A meta-study in regards to antiviral herbs was posted in January 2017 at the NIH National Library of Medicine by the title Prevention and Treatment of Influenza, Influenza-Like Illness, and Common Cold by Herbal, Complementary, and Natural Therapies. For this study, the National Library of Medicine database was searched from its earliest records through August 2015. Viral respiratory tract infections had become a major issues worldwide by then. The study states, the frequent alterations in the antigenic structures of respiratory viruses, particularly for RNA viruses, pose difficulties in production of effective vaccines. The unavailability of optimal medication and shortage of effective vaccines suggests the requirement for alternative natural therapies. Several herbal remedies were used for prevention and treatment viral respiratory illnesses.

The study mentioned that complementary and alternative therapies for colds and flu were commonly used by ancient people. They were used to cure or prevent respiratory viral infections and many nations obtained traditional experience in such remedies. The conclusion of the study remarks that many herbal therapies have scientific evidence of activity against respiratory viruses. The herbal medicines, such as maoto, licorice roots, antiwei, North American ginseng, elderberry, Echinacea, pomegranate, guava tea, and Bai Shao, were found effective in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. The studies revealed several mechanisms of action by which herbal extracts fight respiratory viruses. Some dietary supplements also revealed efficacy in prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections. Supplements including zinc, selenium, vitamin C, probiotics, seaweed extract, yeast-based product, and garlic extract, demonstrated supportive effects against respiratory viruses.

Thirdly, why did our COVID task force officials never mention to people to eat a more vital, nutrient dense diet and drink a lot of fresh water? These are two simple things anyone could have done to aid themselves and their loved ones from getting sick. The body would have been fueled with essential building blocks to build a strong immune system from the nutritious substances in the food. The extra water would have provided the body the necessary fluid to wash out the toxins that bacteria and viruses generate.

Fourthly, why didn't our experts in charge share with the public that it is imperative to get sunshine onto our skin on a daily basis as sun exposure builds Vitamin D3 reserves organically? Adequate levels of Vitamin D3 are essential for proper immune health. With low levels, our bodies are susceptible to be attacked by viruses and bacteria, which then can take hold more easily and produce cold and flu symptoms and infections.

Low levels of Vitamin D3 occur especially during the fall and winter months. There is a reason we have a yearly Flu Season which starts in October and ends in May. Flu seasons are directly linked to people not getting enough sunshine and therefore have low Vitamin D3 levels. By properly supplementing with Vitamin D3 (and also Vitamin C) during fall and winter many cold and flu infections can be avoided.

All official COVID experts absolutely should have told the inhabitants of each of their countries that adequate levels of Vitamin D3 reduces the chance of becoming ill with a cold and flu infection. This is a scientifically proven fact. A study published in February 2017 by the British Medical Journal stated that out of the 11321 participants aged 0 to 95 years, Vitamin D3 supplementation reduced the risk of acute respiratory tract infection among all participants. By clicking here you can read a brief report of this study done by Harvard University.

A more recent meta study titled,
COVID-19 Mortality Risk Correlates Inversely with Vitamin D3 Status, and a Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3 was published October 2021 at the NIH National Library of Medicine. The result of the study suggests that a theoretical point of zero mortality could be achieved with an approximately 50 ng/mL D3 level. The study's conclusion states, The datasets provide strong evidence that low D3 is a predictor rather than just a side effect of the infection.

Fifthly, why was it not strongly encouraged by our corona pandemic scientists and experts that people continue (or start) to exercise? Exercise is a well-known aspect of a health-building lifestyle and contributes to strong immune function. The article Stepping Up Exercise Could Help Beat The Cold Virus posted on the National Public Radio website November 2010 reviews the study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on the benefit of daily exercise in relation to the cold and flu. That article states, At the end of the three-month study, the researchers found that the more the participants exercised, the less they reported getting sick. Those who exercised five days a week for 20 minutes or more experienced about 40 percent fewer days of illness compared with those putting in less than one day a week of activity.

Another study was done from 2012 to 2016 to find out if mindfulness meditation and exercise protect against the common cold and influenza. The study was done by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. The conclusion of the study found thatthose who participated in eight weeks of mindfulness-meditation training or took an eight-week program of moderate-intensity sustained exercise had lower rates of acute respiratory infections (ARI) compared to a control group. However, in addition to the reduction in acute respiratory infection illnesses, the mindfulness meditation and exercise groups also encountered psychological benefits including stress and depression reduction, improvements in general health and mindful attention. The study was published June 2018 by PLoS One.

Last but not least my sixth point is certainly the most essential health giving advice our COVID officials should have shared with people. Why did none of our corona pandemic advisors tell everyone to have fun, to laugh, to play, and to enjoy themselves with loved ones and friends? In fact, the exact opposite had been done (and is still being done) with terror and fear being continually stocked when it's another scientifically proven fact that stress and fear have severe health and immune debilitating effects. Click here to read the report on the NIH website on the founder of the Stress Theory Dr. Hans Selye.

To the contrary of fear, terror, and stress, the activities of laughter, having fun, playing, sharing love and care enormously boost our immune system by producing vitally important feel-good chemicals that are essential for our health and well-being.


You probably do not know about Norman Cousins. He became famous when he healed himself in 1964 of a debilitating and life-threatening disease through daily deep belly laughter and megadoses of Vitamin C. His account was published in 1976 in The New England Journal of Medicine under the title Anatomy of an Illness (As Perceived by the Patient).

Even though I never studied this matter professionally, and am not a medical or naturopathic doctor, I have been deeply immersed in the subject of natural health and healing for many years. What I've studied, what I know, and what I've practiced in my life does work, which is why the official recommendation from the NIH and WHO seemed absolutely wrong to me.

People worldwide were told to stay at home if they felt sick until they were so ill that they could not stand it anymore. Then they should go to the hospital. There they would be treated with some heavy drugs and most likely be placed on a ventilator. Sadly, many people did not survive these last-effort treatments.

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Why were no early treatments made available to fight viral infections? I do not know of a single illness where doctors tell their sick patients to stay at home, do nothing, wait until they are so ill that they can't manage anymore, and then they will treat them.

Thousands upon thousands of drugs and treatments have been developed for cancer, diabetics, nerve injuries, etc. which are all based on early detection of the disease and early treatment. The reasoning behind this medical practice is that you want to detect an illness early so that it can be staved off and stopped from proceeding.

Why was this century-old medical protocol not applied to COVID-19? Why were doctors who successfully treated their patients with early outpatient as well as preventative treatments brought before medical boards, shunned by their peers, fired from their hospitals and clinics, and lost their licenses? Most of those patients never had to go to the hospital and were protected from dying. Yet, instead of celebrating these doctors as heroes, they were (and still are) defamed as quack doctors.

One such doctor is Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA, FASN, FNKF, FNLA, FCRSA, internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and the most highly published cardiac and kidney specialist in history in his area of expertise. He had been highly regarded for many years and accredited as you can see from all his accolades. Nevertheless, he has now been fired and is defamed for his outspokenness about early outpatient treatments for COVID-19 patients and for warning against the potentially dangerous side effects the minimally-tested gene-based COVID injections may cause.

Just like thousands of other outspoken medical doctors around the globe, Dr. McCullough is an actual practicing physician.
He speaks from his direct experience, having personally worked with and treated COVID-19 patients in his medical practice throughout the corona pandemic. Click here for the video of his Texas Senate testimony in March 2021. Click here for the full-length video conference of the US Senate Hearing in November 2020 titled, Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution in which Dr. McCullough participated, and where he clearly stated his concerns.

Another practicing medical doctor, the Canadian Dr. Charles Hoffe has also been speaking up since the earliest days of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Dr. Hoffe, too has been fired from his hospital job for asking questions and for wanting to help his vaccine-injured patients. He's currently speaking in Canada at various meeting points, warning against the COVID-19 injections. He is talking about the irreversible damage these mRNA injections can cause especially in children, the many cancers that are suddenly being diagnosed, and the heart, brain, and nerve injuries that are appearing en masse in COVID vaccinated persons. To listen to one his talks from the road please click here.

A highly esteemed medical doctor from Germany, Thai-born Dr. Sucharid Bhakti, has also been outspoken since early 2020. Click here to watch one of his latest warning calls that was recorded in December 2021. In this video clip, Dr. Bhakti describes the incredible damage organs are displaying from the COVID vaccines as is determined by autopsies. He relays the steep increase of stage four cancers and the activation of previously dormant viral infections such as Epstein Barr and Tuberculosis, which had been kept in check by people‘s immune system, which the mRNA injections is destroying.

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Dr Roger Hodkinson, a highly credentialed medical doctor from Canada, and expert in the field of pathology has also been speaking out since early 2020. He has repeatedly and emphatically warned of the dangers of the COVID vaccines. Click here to listen to his latest warning saying, it's all been a pack of lies.

Dr. Shankara Chetty is another practicing medical doctor who lives in South Africa who treated over 7,000 COVID-19 patients and had not a single patient die under his care. He discovered that oxygen isn't necessary in the treatment of COVID-19 if treated properly from the get-go, and that the COVID-19 illness actually unfolds in two phases. Dr. Chetty has also been speaking out since early 2020 and has shared his successful treatment protocol with medial doctors worldwide. He too has been censored and experienced attacks of defamation. Click here to listen to Dr. Chetty share his knowledge in an interview with Rainer Fuellmich of the Corona Ausschuss.

Click here to listen to the dire warning by Dr. Robert Malone who is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology that is used for most of the COVID injections. Dr. Malone states that the mRNA vaccines are extremely dangerous to children and should absolutely not be administered. Dr. Malone too has had to endure repeated attacks by "fact-checkers" and ongoing defamation insults.

Last but not least, since there are over a hundred medical doctors and scientists in the vaccine and biotech industry I've listened to over the past two years, I'll include in my short list here Dr. Mike Yeadon. I've been impressed by Dr. Yeadon's commitment to share his knowledge no matter the relentless attacks against his character and medical expertise he had to endure, especially since he's a very private person and had never before made public appearances. Dr Yeadon had a long career in the vaccine and pharmacological industry, was vice president and chief scientist for Pfizer for many years, and built and sold his own successful biotech company. Due to his extensive knowledge, Dr. Yeadon spoke up right away that the COVID-19 science that was presented to the masses worldwide was incorrect, and about the dangers of the COVID mRNA injections. Dr. Yeadon is also extremely concerned about the roll-out of the COVID passports and what it means when this track-and-trace technology is installed worldwide. I'll address this track-and-trace aspect of the COVID pandemic in great detail later on. Click here to watch Dr. Yeadon's full-length interview.

As of this writing (December 2021), and almost two full years into the COVID-19 pandemic, the official recommendation of how to treat the SARS-CoV-2 viral infection has remained the same. No early outpatient treatments are allowed. Doctors that do prescribe such treatments are STILL viciously attacked by the mainstream media as well as their medical boards, and peers. This is happening in many countries all over the word. The only official prevention and treatment for COVID-19 are the gene-based mRNA injections.


The second aspect that let me know the official COVID story wasn't the truth related to a skill I'd acquired in my profession. In my training to become a Family Constellation facilitator, which is a highly effective trans-generational deprogramming and healing method, I had to learn to double-listen.

When clients tell me about problems they want to resolve, I not only listen with my regular hearing. I also listen with my intuitive inner direct-hearing which is linked to my true nature and my client's true nature. Direct-hearing is a function that is part of the human makeup. Sadly, most people do not know about this function. If they knew and had access to it, they'd be able to hear, know, and understand what is not being said by the words other people are speaking.

Imagine How Different The World Would Be...

...if all people knew when someone wasn't speaking the truth, was deceitful, withholding information, or providing information that was incorrect. Misunderstandings would no longer occur. If people would know what another person was not saying with the words they were speaking, we'd live in a very different world today. Lies would no longer be told because they would be recognized instantly. No fertile ground would exist for lies and deceit to grow and fester.

Having developed this ability in my work, I knew our COVID officials were not telling the truth because I was able to access the information they weren’t mentioning. This other information is available in the greater field of consciousness. Thoughts, intentions, wants, needs, resentment, fear, longings, and desires are made up of energetic or vibrational blueprints that are stored within what I call humanity's collective story line or memory bank.

These energetic or vibrational blueprints of consciousness can be easily picked up by anyone who knows how to access them. That's how I knew from the very beginning in 2020 what the corona pandemic's bigger plan was. It's just that the people in power didn't share this bigger plan with the public. If they had, people most likely wouldn't have gone along with allowing themselves, their children, and love-ones to be injected with these barely tested gene-based inoculations. This certainly is what Stefan Oelrich, a member of Bayer’s Board of Management believes. Oelrich stated in his opening speech at the World Health Summit in Berlin in October 2021"The mRNA vaccines are an example of cell and gene therapy. If we had surveyed two years ago in the public 'Would you be willing to take a gene therapy injected into your body' we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate." Watch his speech here. I sourced this video from the article, Fact Check: Are mRNA-Injections Vaccines or Gene Therapy? Read article here (although you must use Google translate as it is in German.)


MargotRidler CovidLockDown

To me it was clear from the beginning that the COVID pandemic is used for a purpose other than what we are told

Even though through my double-listening skills I accessed a variety of details that were going to happen, I didn't know what the ultimate plan was. I had no idea what the final outcome was supposed to be. To what desired end where the COVID measures pushing people? I didn't have access to this information. This is why I began to research online. 

I had to do this research also because I needed to verify if the information my double-listening had presented me with was accurate. My family and many of my friends certainly thought it impossible that what I told them would unfold. They called me crazy, a COVID denier, and conspiracy theorist. A very dear person who I'd been close to for ten years even broke off all contact with me. What I spoke of seemed too far fetched and insane.

However, in my over twenty-year Family Constellation Work career, my double-listening skill has not once failed me. That's because the information I access in my work for my clients to help them become free of their personal or family challenges and trauma isn't produced by my own personal thinking. The information I access are the unspoken words, desires, longings, fears, worries, concerns, and intentions that are registered in the consciousness field of humanity's collective memory bank or storyline. This is why information that is accessed through double-listening is accurate. It's coming straight from the people themselves who have been (and are) thinking that way. Most people aren't aware that their thoughts produce an energetic or vibrational imprint that is then recorded within humanity's collective consciousnesses field. On that level nothing is hidden. All information is freely available and can be accessed by anyone who knows how.

MargotRidler; FlattentheCurve

What Was It Exactly In March 2020 I Knew Would Happen?

First of all I knew that the pandemic would never end. Although we were told we had to shut down the world economy and have all people remain in their homes for two weeks to flatten the curve, I knew normal life would never return. The restrictions would continue, change, and morph from one restriction to other ones. I knew our old way of life would never return.

---This has certainly been proven true. Instead of two weeks to flatten the curve almost the entire world is still bound by a variety of COVID restrictions since almost two years! Our "old" world, to which our leaders told us we would be "allowed" to return after those two-weeks of flattening is nowhere to be seen. We were told a lie!

I also knew that the vaccine roll-out would not be a one-time deal. People all over the world would be vaccinated on an ongoing basis, year after year, with two or more injections per year. I had no idea how this would be presented so that people would accept it. Now we know. It's done through the relentless reporting of ever new and dangerous mutations and variants.

---As of this writing in December 2021, a large number of people in many countries are already tripple vaccinated. Great Britain just announced Covid vaccine booster shots can be taken every three months to aid against all the new variants that are appearing. Canada has secured up to 290 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for 2022, 2023 and 2024 for its 38 million Canadian citizens. That's almost 8 COVID shots for every man, woman, and child for the next three years. Netherlands just announced a plan to give people up to six doses of COVID vaccine. The Netherlands just announced that it may move towards administering three more booster COVID-19 vaccines, two of which would be in 2022.

MargotRidler; CovidVariants

I also knew that a two-tiered society would be established. This new dual social structure would be devastating to people who wouldn't want to get injected with the COVID vaccine. I knew those people would be excluded from participating in everyday life. They would become outcasts of society. Normal life would be completely off limits to them. They would no longer be allowed to enter a restaurant, cafe, bar, school, university, grocery store, shopping mall, hair or cosmetic salon, fitness center, airport, train station, etc.

---Excluding unvaccinated people from regular life already began in mid 2021 in Israel, France, and Italy.  People are no longer allowed into grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants, gyms, etc. The same is also happening in some states in the US. Not being allowed to shop for food at a local farmer's market is now being reported from Canada with a Twitter video post you can watch here. Restrictions for Lithuanians who are not double vaccinated represent some of the harshest in the world. No vaccination, no valid COVID vaccination papers - no entry.

I knew police, military personal, security guards, or special COVID-19 wardens would be placed in front of entrances and demand people show them their valid vaccine documentation. Anyone who would not be able to produce a valid vaccine status would not be allowed entry and would be turned away.

---This has already come to pass in many countries around the world. It's no longer even considered abnormal that you have to show a valid vaccination status to participate in life.

MargotRidler; CovidPass

I also knew people would be required to carry with them at all times their vaccination certificate, which would show their vaccination status. I had no idea how this idea would be made appealing to people to carry documentation around with them every day, all day long, which they would continually have to present to some official gatekeeper who would then allow or deny them entry.

---As it turns out it wasn't a hard sell at all. A downloadable app was made available to people, which they could place on their smartphones. This app then does all the tracking, tracing, monitoring, and surveilling. The app checks at all times where people are at, what they are doing, who they are with, and who they are close to in proximity. People will get a ding on their smartphone when their app discovers they were too close to someone who had tested positive for COVID. Their app then tells them to self-quarantine for a certain number of days to protect themselves and others.

I knew also that people would be monitored and randomly checked. The activities of simply taking a walk, having a coffee at a cafe, eating at a restaurant, shopping for groceries, and driving in their car would be subject to spontaneous and unannounced checks.

---This checking for vaccine status is happening now routinely since many months in many countries.

MargotRidler; COVIDPass

I also knew that mandatory vaccination would eventually be established. The option to not receive the COVID vaccine would at one point no longer be possible.

---Mandatory vaccination was announced in Austria in November 2021 and will take effect in February 2022. Those who refuse to get vaccinated will have to pay a fine or go to prison. Click here to listen to an Austrian medical doctor who was fired from her hospital job for speaking out about the dangers of the COVID vaccine. She shares what the situation is in Austria in December 2021 with the mandatory vaccination.

Additionally, I knew that COVID camps would be established, whereby police and military officials would be able to remove people from their homes and place them into a COVID camp.

---This is currently happening in Australia. People are removed from their homes by the police and taken to camps even without a positive PCR COVID test or proof that people are infected with COVID-19. Here is a video of a personal account, a look at an Australian COVID camp facility, and an interaction with the camp's security guards.

I also knew that vaccines would after some time be physically forced on people against their will.

--- I have seen video clips of forced vaccination happening in China, India, and Indonesia but I cannot vet them to be true. However, forced vaccinations are almost happening in Australia. Military personnel, police, and other government officials severely pressure Aboriginal community members to get vaccinated. The people are either not allowed to leave their homes or are removed from their homes against their will and taken to COVID camps. Click here to listen to a call for humanitarian help put forth by some of the Aboriginal elders.


Right here, with the establishment of a two-tiered society  worldly awakening must occur for you

Do certain people really have the right to forbid other people to earn a living, run their businesses, have access to food, public transportation, air travel, health care, and to visit restaurants, cafes, entertainment outlets, fitness centers, and shopping malls? Do some people truly have the authority to override the bodily autonomy of others, allowing certain members of a society to tell other members of that same society that they must inject into their bodies substances they do not wish to have injected? Do certain individuals or groups of individuals really have the jurisdiction to demand that others can no longer participate in regular life, taking away their ability for individual choice, freedom of speech, and freedom of movement?

How often throughout human history has this negation of personal freedom already happened? How many people have already suffered the consequences of such inhumane measures, no matter the reasons that were given to rationalize these measures?

The justifications that were provided in the past, just as the justification that are given today with COVID-19 are violating every person's unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the founders of America put forth in the Declaration of Independence. This right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is a God-given right. It cannot be granted by people, nor can it be taken away by people. Every single human being possesses this right simply by being born a human being.

So what is happening (this time all over the world simultaneously!) is once again, one group of people deems themselves superior to others. This claim of superiority has occurred already innumerious times throughout history. People considering themselves superior imposing their views, their ideas, their rules, and their visions upon others with no democratic processes involved, and without considering the right to individual freedom that each person intrinsically possesses. This is the very point of contention where the trans-generational view is meeting worldly and spiritual awakening.

MargotRidler, Segregation

It's imperative to understand what is happening with the corona pandemic is a repetition. The exact same scenarios that played out in the past in many different cultures, societies, and time frames, are playing out again right now in country after country. B
illions of people around the globe support the negation of bodily autonomy of their fellow human beings. These same b illions of people are also in agreement that the intrinsic right to freedom of speech and freedom of movement are removed from their fellow citizens in the name of the well-being and protection of the collective group.

But what exactly is a group? A group isn't a mish-mash of people that merged into a singular whole like soup ingredients have blended into a cohesive whole after a few hours of cooking.

The term group is a concept. It represents the number of people that are part of a group. But a group has no reality on its own. The reality of a group rests with each individual person that is part of the group. Each individual remains an individual - and therefore MUST be self-responsible for his or her own health, well-being, actions, and behaviors.

Take my case, as an example. I've taken excellent care of my body since I was in my late twenties. I've spent my hard-earned money exclusively on organic foods since 1986 - for almost forty years. I don't eat foods that contain poisonous chemicals, and I don't use lotions, hair products, or home cleaners that are manufactured with toxic byproducts. I have already shared earlier the way I have taken care of my health and well-being. Can I be lumped together to form a singular group with people who have consumed a diet of McDonald's, sugar puffs, and Coca Cola for forty years, and who played computer games during their free time while I was studying alternative health and nutrition? Can I be honestly told I have the same health risks as these persons and must therefore be subjected to the same health treatments as them? This kind of thinking is absolutely absurd.

This idea of group protection, group health, and group well-being is a sales slogan. It's a propaganda jingle to get individual people riled up to support an agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with real health, real well-being, real protection, and real care.

MargotRidler, COVIDTestingLine

To live in a successful, vital society and culture, the propagation of individual responsibility, individual self-sufficiency, individual empowerment, individual health, and individual well-being are of utmost importance. Declaring a singular rule that will benefit a collective group is insanity as a singular mish-mash of human beings does not exist, cannot exist, and will never exist.


This is why I say COVID-19 is your wake up call. The past is repeating itself once again for the sole purpose of giving you, as well as every person alive today, the opportunity to take a stand. By your own choices, actions, and words will you be known.

Will you chose as your ancestors chose during their lifetime when they were faced with these exact same decisions as you are faced right now? Did they follow the crowd and propaganda, abdicating their own self-responsibility to stand for unity, love, human kindness, integrity, morality, honesty, and freedom? Or did they stand alone, self-determined to not be other-directed and influenced by the hyped-up stories of the day, assisting where they could in relieving suffering, and actively opposing the encroaching totalitarian regime?

What is your stance on the current COVID-19 matter? Which side of history will you be standing on when everything is said and done? Are you following doubt and fear? Or are you choosing courage and trust? Are you repeating your ancestors choices? Or are you making new ones for yourself? Are you pro individual human freedom or against it? Do you stand on the side of freedom or slavery? Liberty or subjugation? Democracy or dictatorship? There's no middle ground. You must chose and thereby show your true colors for all to see.


In a video excerpt from a talk titled Auschwitz didn't fall from the sky, 94 year-old Marian Turski, survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp described the slow implementation of the totalitarian Nazi dictatorship. Watch video clip here. He said that back then people didn't recognize the restrictions for what they were. At first, Jews were not allowed to enter a park, then a swimming pool, then they weren't allowed to go shopping until after 5 pm. Later they couldn't get jobs, couldn't travel, couldn't immigrate, and eventually were pushed into ghettos and taken to concentration camps. He said the restrictions were implemented slowly, one after the other, until it was too late and they couldn’t be resisted anymore.

Another video that will serve your worldly awakening is by the child Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav. The interview was filmed in September 2021, which you can watch by clicking here. Sharav said something similar to Mr. Turski. She said Ausschwitz didn't happen in one swoop. It happened step by step by step. She also mentioned that the Jews throughout the Nazi period were demonized as spreaders of disease. Currently, the demonization of people who are unvaccinated against COVID-19 are also blamed as spreaders of disease.

The third video that will aid you in your worldly awakening is by another Second World War survivor. This time not a Jew, but a regular Austrian citizen by the name of Kitty Werthmann. Werthmann made the same statement as Turski and Sharav. She said, the dictatorship didn't happen overnight. It took five years; gradually, little by little it escalated up to a full-blown dictatorship. You can watch her video by clicking here.

How many lies do you need to be subjected to until you begin to wonder if there is something wrong with what you are being told? Not a single thing that your politicians, official scientists, and medical doctors have said has turned out to be true and right. Again and again you were prompted to do this or that, follow an order, participate in a rule, accept a guideline and then we could go back to normal. But our normal hasn't come back.

Are you still waiting, hoping and thinking that we'll go back to our old normal soon? Do you believe the officials when they tell you it's the unvaccinated that are keeping the normal from returning? Do you assume it’s true when politicians and media personnel tell you that hospitals are overflowing with the unvaccinated who are extremely sick? I highly recommend you question EVERYTHING! You might be lied to!

MargotRidler, FoodShortages

Already in March 2020 I knew that our world economy would be destroyed. I knew supply chain and food shortages would eventually plague people and entire countries. Items we were taking for granted to find at stores would eventually no longer be available.

---Not only supply chain issues and food shortages are already occurring since many months, we are also dealing with enormous inflation.

I knew the lockdowns would create millions of additional hunger deaths in third world countries and severe food shortages would eventually take hold also in Western nations.

---Already in July 2020, reports came out that hunger might kill more people than COVID-19.

I knew people would be gravely hurt mentally and emotionally from all the COVID restrictions.

---There are a variety of studies available already that are showing increased levels of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress-disorders were (and are) experienced by people.

However, I knew that the children would be carrying the greatest brunt from this crisis and would be damaged enormously from all the restriction. I wonder what kinds of fearful and submissive adults will these children one day grow into?

---Essentially by now, two years of childhood and teenage years have been stolen from the children and teenagers who had to live with these severe mask, social distancing, and routine COVID testing restrictions on a daily basis in kindergartens, schools, and universities. Let alone not being allowed on playgrounds and freely enjoy themselves and play with their schoolmates and friends.

MargotRidler, preschoolers_Socialdistance

I knew millions of small and midsize businesses would be destroyed worldwide and their market shares would be gobbled up by huge multi-national corporations. I knew people would lose their livelihoods, savings, and safety nets, which will throw millions of people worldwide into poverty.

---Billions of dollars in gains for corporations while bankruptcies and poverty soar - it's now documented.

I also knew that the monitoring, tracking, tracing, and surveilling of all people's every move would eventually take place from inside the body. The vaccine verification papers people would at first use to show their vaccination status would be a mere forerunner. It would get people used to the surveilling, tracking, and tracing process. However, eventually no digital gadget would be needed. Monitoring, tracking, tracing, and surveilling would happen from within a person's body and directly linked from the body to the data collection facility.

---In my research I discovered that already in 2009, scientists were working on biosensors for continuous monitoring of the human body. In 2019, an article was written that described graphene-based sensors for human health monitoring. I also found a publication posted in 2021 that talks about implantable sensors based on gold nanoparticles for continuous long-term concentration monitoring in the body. Another publication that was also published in 2021 is describing Luciferase based biosensors being used in studying SARS-CoV-2.

Since the full ingredient list of the COVID-19 vaccine injections have never been disclosed, it is not known what exactly is being injected into people. However, there are reports from independent labs from around the world that state they found various strange ingredients that cannot be identified as anything that is known. Click here to watch a video of a German and an Austrian medical doctor showing photos and videos of unidentified COVID-19 injection particles.

So what is the COVID pandemic really about?

Throughout human history, there always have been individuals who
desired to rule the world. These individuals pursued their lofty goals ruthlessly, no matter the cost. The lives of innocent people, and the destruction they left in their wake meant nothing to them. Persons who have outrageous, over-the-top intents like that, they don't think like the rest of humanity. They have a different sense of morality, or should I better say, they have no morality at all. Whatever serves their cause, their agenda, their plan is what matters and is considered good. Even if following through on their plans may hurt and murder millions of people.

MargotRider; Mauthausen COVID

In my research during 2020 I discovered that behind the surface facade of democracy, science, medicine, education, commerce, finance, and our precarious social order exists an elite group of people that has, since several generations, pushed the world towards establishing a one world government, also known by the words A New World Order.

President Bush senior (R), president Bush junior (R), president Bill Clinton (D), and Barack Obama (D) all have openly stated in various speeches that they support establishing this new world order. This means, the new world order transcends the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as US borders and national sovereignty. It's a world oder, a world government that has slowly but surely been implemented around the globe. The rules, dictates, and regulations that are part of the COVID-19 pandemic, which are advocated under the guise of health, safety, and protection, serve the finalization and full establishment of this new world order.

Carroll Quigley who was an esteemed American historian wrote about this ruling elite in his books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment. Quigley was an elite professor who taught at Princeton, Harvard, and Georgetown. He was also a trusted advisor to the US Defense Department, US Navy, and Smithsonian Institute. He wrote about the elites plan to bring "all the habitable portions of the world" under their control.

For a quick read, a condensed version of Quigley’s books exists called Tragedy and Hope 101. It was written by Joseph Plummer. You can also access this book free of charge off his website by clicking here. Plummer's book provides a good overview of Quigley's two books' most pertinent aspects.

G. Edward Griffin who studied this subject for many decades, and is well known for his best-selling book The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, offers an excellent presentation on Quigley’s findings in his talk The Quigley Formula, which you can access by clicking here here. Quigley had close relationships with the hidden elite rulers of his time. As their historian, he was allowed for two years to read through all of their books and documents. It is thanks to Quigley that information about this elite minority is known. They normally operate in complete secrecy.

MargotRidler, Professor Quigley

In March 1919, a book was published by Samuel Zane Batten called The New World Order. In the Preface these sentences are found: The world war represents the passing of the old order and the end of an epoch. A new day is begun, a page of new achievements is upturned. The old order passes from view; the new world is rising upon our vision. The world can never again be as it has been. The house has collapsed, and its structure is discredited.

Batton's book was published four months after the First World War had ended. It was obviously written with the knowledge that the world as it had been was never going to exist again, and that from its ashes a new world, a new order, was going to arise.

If we consider Roosevelt’s words that in politics nothing happens by accident and that everything is planned that does happen, then the First World War, the Second World War, as well as all other wars were planned, just as this current COVID-19 crisis was planned.

During my search in 2020, I found many documents that talk about establishing a centralized world governance. One such document was published in May 2010 by The Rockefeller Foundation called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. In this report is described a situation whereby in 2012 the world would be devastated by a deadly virus. The scenario that was reported eerily resembles the one that actually has been unfolding for the past two years with COVID-19. You can read about this projected scenario about a world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership under the title LOCK STEP starting at page 18.

A few pages further under CLEVER TOGETHER is described the unfolding that would emerge after the pandemic. Centralized global oversight and governance structures sprang up...Such systems and structures required...more tech-enabled data collection, processing, and feedback. Enormous, benign “surveillance” systems allowed citizens to access data—all publically available—in real time and react. Nation-states lost some of their power and importance as global architecture strengthened and regional governance structures emerged. International oversight entities like the UN took on new levels of authority...

Eliminating our individual privacy rights by allowing tech-enabled data collection, processing, and feedback is exactly what is taking place right now in the name of health security. Enormous surveillance systems allow big tech and unspecified data processing centers access to the most personal health information such as people's DNA and other private factors and data. National sovereignty and real democratic processes have been almost entirely eroded. Scientists and politicians are suddenly holding power under health emergency laws that allow them to single-handedly decide what citizens of various countries can and cannot do. Additionally, huge multinational corporations and finance conglomerates are dictating with ever greater power and no oversight the rules under which people have to live and operate.

MargotRidler; RockefellerLockStep

101 years after Batton's new world order book was published, Klaus Schwab made his entrance onto the world stage and uttered the exact same words as Batton did. Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) - you can read a summery about it here - and author of two books The 4th Industrial Revolution published in 2016 and The Great Reset published in July 2020.

In Schwab's book The Great Reset, also in the Introduction just like in Batton's book, Schwab writes, As of the time of writing (June 2020), the pandemic continues to worsen globally. Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal. The short response is: never. ...the world as we knew it in the early months of 2020 is no more, dissolved in the context of the pandemic. Radical changes of such consequence are coming that some pundits have referred to a “before coronavirus” (BC) and “after coronavirus” (AC) era. We will continue to be surprised by both the rapidity and unexpected nature of these changes - as they conflate with each other, they will provoke second-, third-, fourth-, and more-order consequences, cascading effects and unforeseen outcomes. In so doing, they will shape a “new normal” radically different from the one we will be progressively leaving behind. 

 If you continue on, a litte further under the subheading 1.3.3. The return of “big” government, Schwab states, The COVID-19 pandemic has made government important again. ...Looking to the future, governments will most likely, but with different degrees of intensity, decide that it’s in the best interest of society to rewrite some of the rules of the game and permanently increase their role.

We definitely have seen an enormous enlargement of political power by government officials around the world. A variety of politicians have shown us with what iron fist they are delighted to rule over their subjects as if they have the right to be rulers over millions of people. Democracy, freedom of individual rights, freedom of bodily autonomy, freedom of speech and freedom of movement have all but disappeared in many countries as well as some US states.

MargotRidler, NewWorldOrder


As you continue reading through subsequent pages (PLEASE DO READ THEM AS YOU WILL LEARN WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING ESTABLISHED), Schwab describes what the future will look like. He mentions scenarios he could not have foreseen happening at the time he was writing The Great Reset book. His book was published only four months after The World Health Organization (WHO) announced a worldwide pandemic. There is no way Schwab could have known in early 2020 about all the things that would happen, many of which by the way, in December 2021, have become a reality.

Obviously, just like Batton, Schwab knew the agenda that was to be implemented once the worldwide decimation was brought about thanks to the devastating corona measures. The “old” and habitual way of life was to be destroyed so that a new world, a new order, could be put in place. Schwab could write with such accuracy about what the post COVID world would look like because he knew what would be installed.

In June 2020, the World Economic Forum's Great Reset Online Meeting took place. Schwab said in his introductory speech, People assume that we will go back to the good old world which we had, and everything will be normal again, in how we were used to normal, the old fashion. This is, let's say, fiction. It will not happen. You can watch a video excerpt by clicking here. Clearly, it was a lie when our politicians told us that it will take just two weeks to flatten the curve and then we'd go back to normal

MargotRidler, TwoWeeksToFlattenTheCurve


What will a post-COVID-19 world look like according to the World Economic Forum members and advocates?

If you continue reading The Great Reset book, you'll come to the headline 1.6.1 Accelerating the digital transformation. Schwab writes, One major effect of confinement will be the expansion and progression of the digital world in a decisive and often permanent manner. In The consumer, Schwab continues, If health considerations become paramount, we may decide, for example, that a cycling class in front of a screen at home doesn’t match the conviviality and fun of doing it with a group in a live class but is in fact safer (and cheaper!). The same reasoning applies to many different domains like flying to a meeting (Zoom is safer, cheaper, greener and much more convenient), driving to a distant family gathering for the weekend (the WhatsApp family group is not as fun, but again, safer, cheaper and greener) or even attending an academic course (not as fulfilling, but cheaper and more convenient).

The trend that the World Economic Forum propagates with its Fourth Industrial Revolution is a post-human technocratic world. Human beings sharing love, care, fun, joy, and togetherness is to play less and less an important role after the reset. Thanks to the non-stop fueling of fear and terror, which was provided by mainstream media for almost two whole years, most people are already too scared to connect with others in a normal way. Every person is seen as a potential threat to become seriously ill and possibly die. This "new normal" of a terror-based lifestyle suits those businesses perfectly who profit from a digital world. 

I'll close this part of my reporting with the last words written in The Great Reset book's introduction. Schwab writes, The broader point is this: the possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination, for better or for worse. Societies could be posed to become either more egalitarian or more authoritarian, or geared towards more solidarity or more individualism, favoring the interests of the few or the many; economies, when they recover, could take the path of more inclusivity and be more attuned to the needs of our global commons, or they could return to functioning as they did before. You get the point: we should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world, in a bid to make it a better and more resilient one as it emerges on the other side of this crisis.

Want to know what more egalitarian, geared towards more solidarity, more inclusivity, and attuned to the needs of our global commons really means?

Ida Auken, a Member of the Danish Parliament and a graduate of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leadership Program, describes what the post COVID-19 world will look like by 2030. The article is titled, Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better. You can access her article here.

A video was posted in mid-2020 by the World Economic Forum, which was eventually taken down. You can click here or on the pictures below to see the video. The video starts with a picture of a smiling young man with the words written in large letters, You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy. Like Auken's article, in the post-COVID new world order, private property is apparently no longer allowed.

This is what the World Economic Forum's egalitarian, geared toward solidarity, inclusivity, and attuned to the needs of our global commons  really means. Nobody will own anything. Everyone will find themselves at to the same playing field. However...


The next picture in the video shows a drone delivering a package. The words in large letters read, Whatever you want you'll rent. And it will be delivered by drone. Auken's article describes how you won't own anything at all anymore, not even kitchen stuff or clothes. You'll be renting EVERYTHING. But who will we be renting from? Since nobody will possess anything anymore, who will be owning all this stuff that every single person on this planet will be renting from? Also, since the corona pandemic has thrown so many millions of people worldwide into abject poverty since going to work and running a small and mid-size business was no longer allowed, where will the money be coming from so that people will need so they can rent the things they want and need?


Okay, I will now finally get to the meat of the COVID-19 issue: Your Wake Up Call! 

It is absolutely essential to realize that the trans-generational viewpoint is missing from the conversation people are having in terms of figuring out what's happening with the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. We're dealing with a repetition of trauma and tragedies that have been lived out repeatedly throughout history by many people in a variety of cultures all around the world. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, our thought processes, belief systems, emotional reactions, and behaviors are registered in what I call humanity's collective storyline or memory bank. Unconsciously, they get re-enacted again and again from one generation to the next. Unless we break this viscous cycle, the same suffering will keep repeating itself.

The way out - the real and ultimate way out - is to once and for all heal the trauma, injustices, and suffering that occurred in the past. As of right now, this suffering is recorded in the collective human storyline as unresolved oozing wounds. These wounds seek resolution and healing. Until this healing is provided, these wounds will keep entangling innocent members of future generations in an attempt to bring about closure and peace. This seeking closure is an essential part inherent in life. Human beings are to learn from their mistakes and become fully conscious, autonomous, spiritually awake and worldly aware individuals. The egocentric survival fear-based functioning is to be overcome so that a higher order of life can become manifest on earth. COVID-19 is serving as a spiritual and worldly wake up call. People are to allow themselves to be guided by a higher spiritual wisdom with which each person is naturally linked. All human beings are born with an intrinsic direct guidance-system that is to direct them not only towards their own highest good, but also towards the highest good of all involved.
This is why it's imperative people no longer follow outer-directed and other-directed mandates. People are to follow only their own higher guidance as each person receives this guidance via their own direct guidance-system's intuition and gut-knowing. How this guidance-system works, why people possess it, where within the human makeup it is located, why people may not have access to it, and how to learn to be connected to this higher spiritual wisdom which is every person's birthright to access, is described and depicted with visuals in my unBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours.
The corona pandemic is the perfect catalyst.
People are provided the opportunity to leave the comfort of herd mentality thinking and herd behavior functioning and become a truly free self-sovereign, self-directed, and autonomous adult human being.
The COVID-19 restrictions that are imposed by all governments around the world offer every single individual the chance to overcome their fear of death and dying, which will liberate them from accepting coercion, subjugation, and oppression. The gift that COVID-19 is presenting to those who're willing to accept it is to claim their intrinsic birthright to live with True Freedom.





If the COVID pandemic restrictions are allowed to continue, which depends 100% on people worldwide accepting and submitting to these restrictions as they are rolled out, with each subsequent restriction being a little more restrictive than the previous one, then an absolutely devastating totalitarian dictatorship will be established. In an extremely informative video, the survivor Marian Turski of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp (which is located about thirty minutes from where I grew up) described the slow implementation of the totalitarian Nazi dictatorship. Watch video here. He said that back then people also didn't recognize the restrictions for what they were as they were implemented one after the other until it was too late.

The dictatorship that will be in place after all the COVID restrictions have been fully implemented will be an artificial intelligence-directed and digitally-controlled surveillance and monitoring system from which no escape will be possible. If you will not follow the rules, orders, and dictates implicitly as dictated to you by the people in superior positions, you will be in serious trouble.

This is already the case at the end of 2021 where millions of people around the world are excluded from regular life since they are not willing to get vaccinated. The same process of excluding a particular group that is vilified, which took place (and takes place) in all totalitarian regimes, is already accepted as normal by a large number of people around the globe. This time it's not a minority group of religious or ethnic background. This times its a large percentage of each country's own citizenry that is being vilified, excluded, shamed, and even physically hurt and incarcerated.

Is all this that is happening really about health?
Or is health just used to bring in a digital surveillance, tracking, and tracing system along with mandatory adult vaccinations, which will require all adults all around the world to get vaccinated yearly as is the case already with children...? What about all the millions of adverse Covid vaccine effects and the staggering death rate after vaccination that go unreported by the mainstream media?

I will leave you with two additional quotes by Klaus Schwab. "The difference with this 4th Industrial Revolution is, it doesn't change what you are doing. It changes you if you take a genetic editing, just as an example.
It’s you who are changed, and of course, this has a big impact on your identity."

In an interview with Klaus Schwab in January 2016 the question was asked about implantable chips. "Certainly in the next ten years this will occur. At first we will implant them in our clothes as "wearables". Then we can imagine that we will implant them in our brains or in our skin. In the end, there will be a direct communication between our brain and our digital world. What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world."

MargotRidler; Beach

I've presented you with a lot of information that will assist you in the process of worldly awakening. It's imperative to know what really is occurring in the world. During the Second World War, highly renowned Buddhist Zen teachers and masters aided in the war effort although they had devoted their entire life to Zen Buddhist meditation practice and spiritual awakening. Even though it had been declared'no war has ever been fought in the name of Buddhism’, this wasn't true. The book Zen at War by Brian Victoria documents the various Zen masters' and teachers' complicity in the Japanese's fanaticism, militarism and war effort up to 1945.

This is why spiritual awakening isn't the only awakening that's required to live a truly free life, or what I call living with True Freedom. In this current two-year struggle where a silent war has been waged, many spiritual aspirants, as well as highly prominent spiritual leaders and teachers have been supporting the COVID mandates 100% since the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Their spiritual training and spiritual awakening hasn't allowed them to see through the worldly deceptions, lies, and deceits that have been propagated as truth and facts.

It's absolutely essential to recognize what is really occurring in the world. Otherwise you live in fantasy land. Once you know what is really happening, you can allow your inner direct guidance-system that's linked with your true nature to lead you in the appropriate way towards your highest possible good.

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