COVID-19: Humanity's Wake Up Call

What are the lessons inherent in the COVID crisis?

The corona virus pandemic is a catalyst. It’s showing us our deepest fears, hates, resentments, and incongruences. Everything that for generations has been suppressed, negated, and hidden is brought to the surface right now.

Family members, friends, and neighbors are showing us viewpoints and behaviors we never saw before. We are baffled. We are no longer able to communicate with the people we’ve known all our lives. They have become strangers with nothing in common any more.

We are recognizing how deeply corrupt all systems are we relied on in our daily lives to function in a democratic, just, and humane manner. Wherever we look we are confronted with rules, orders, and regulations that make no sense, and infringe on people‘s God-given right to individual freedom and bodily autonomy.

We are becoming aware of the enormous corruption that exists worldwide in all institutions, organizations, and governmental systems. None of the structures necessary for a civilized, well-functioning togetherness of human beings are in place anymore. We are being rudely awakened to a world we had no idea was festering in the deepest recesses of human consciousness.

To live a life that is truly worth living where all of humanity prospers and thrives along with planet earth,
everything that is repressed and hidden must come to light so that it can be cleaned up, cleared away, and set free.


This is why what is happening is incredibly destructive, painful and challenging. Yet it’s all serving a greater purpose. It’s NOT there to hurt us. It's there to free us.

It’s time to walk the path of spiritual and worldly awakening consciously and with 100% resolve. It’s the only way to experience harmony, trust, and fearlessness, and to become a fully awake and conscious human being. I call it becoming a True Man and a True Woman, where worldly and spiritual awakening are fully embodied. That’s when a completely new way of functioning in life is possible. This new functioning will be fulfilling and satisfying to people in a manner that is as yet unknown to most human beings.

MargotRidler SpiritualAwakening

Spiritual and worldly awakening go hand in hand. If you have one without the other, your awakening will be lopsided. It won't be integrated and fully functional. If you are worldly awake and therefore see through the hidden agendas operating in the world without spiritual awakening, you will get stuck on the conspiracy angle.

You won't be able to grasp the big picture. You won't understand that every adversity contains within it an opportunity to expand our consciousness and grow beyond our inherited programmed behaviors, conditioned emotional reactivities, and dualistic thought processes.

As humans beings we are to operate in our lives from our non physical, immortal true nature. We are to listen to and follow the higher divine wisdom our true nature is linked with, and not our fears and instinctual impulses. We are to birth the qualities of the True Man and True Woman by overcoming our automatic programming, which the COVID crisis is bringing to the fore with ferocious intensity and record speed.

If you are spiritually awake but not worldly awake you will inadvertently support the hidden agendas that actively exploit other human beings; enslave children and adults in foreign countries in slave labor; cause wars, destruction and poverty worldwide; pillage the earth; place poisonous chemicals in our foods, waters, soil and air; and dumb down our future generations with bad education, nonsensical propaganda, immoral behaviors, and warped thought processes.

It’s time that every person alive on this planet becomes a fully awake, conscious, autonomous, self-directed, self-governed, and self-ruled human being because the old ways by which we've lived are too destructive.

For thousands of years, humanity has organized itself around hierarchical top-down principles. Hierarchical systems are based on either one person or a select few deeming themselves so privileged and superior that they have the right to tell others what they can and cannot do. These directives, rules, and orders are enforced with threats, defamation, elimination of free speech and free movement, imposition of fines, even violence and imprisonment.

This very oppression is occurring worldwide right now. On the individual and personal level it’s happening with friends, family members, business or work associates, and community members. On the collective and global level, it’s happening with governmental officials, CEO’s of corporations, and heads of institutions.

Once you stop allowing yourself to be caught up in the dualistic dynamics of ruler-ruled, oppressor-oppressed, and perpetrator-victim, then you break the hypnotic spell these age-old hierarchical top-down systems have over you. You become free. You gain access to resources you didn't know existed. You make new friends. New pathways to walk in life open up to you so that you may find yourself moving into a completely new life with new circumstances and new opportunities.

The path of spiritual and worldly awakening, although fraught with many uncertainties is worth every single step.

You will learn to live with harmony, trust, and fearlessness. You will have your eyes fully open to see the world as it really is, and not how our media, politicians, scientists, and educators tell us it is. You will recognize your non-physical true nature, which cannot die and also is never born, and access its limitless ingenuity to guide you towards a truly fulfilling life. You will live in tune with your own internal guidance-system, following the directives of your true nature's higher wisdom that isn't only looking out for your highest good, but simultaneously looks out for what's the highest good for all life on Earth.

When I first learned about the novel corona SARS COV-2 virus, I followed the news media closely. The reports that were arriving from China and Italy were alarming. It seemed we had a very lethal pathogen on our hands. It was clear we needed to take every possible precaution to save lives and protect ourselves and others from harm.

However, when the announcement was made in March 2020 that the only way the pandemic would end would be when every human being in this world was vaccinated, I knew we were not told the truth.

We were told "Listen to the experts". "Science knows best." "Don't ask questions". "Do what the experts say".

You may not know this, but I was born and raised in Austria. My parents were children during the Nazi regime. My mom's father died on the Russian front. She only saw him once when she was a year old. You see her sitting on her father's lap in the photo below. It's the only time my mom ever saw her dad. My father's uncle also died as a young man during that war.

I must have inherited the memory of the effects of those times because the phrases "do as I say", "obey", "don't ask questions" and to blindly follow what I am told never sat right with me. Not even as a child.

Margot Ridler's Grandfather who did in WWII

How did I know the official COVID story wasn't the truth? There were two aspects:

The first aspect had to do with education. I had acquired knowledge over many years that let me know vaccines aren't necessary to fight a virus. Ever since 1986, when my son was a year old, I've studied health and nutrition. I wanted to provide the best possible diet for him so that he could grow a healthy and strong body. I spent hours upon hours for many years reading books, visiting seminars, ordering video cassettes tapes of lectures, which I then devoured. I watched the lectures again and again so that I could understand what the lecturers were teaching.

On my own body, I tried out most of the alternative healing practices that were available at the time. I ate a whole food, organic, mostly raw vegetarian diet for several years; sprouted my own sprouts; juiced my vegetables into fresh juices; drank smoothies; made my own whole grain sourdough bread; and dehydrated seeds and nuts to make them into raw crackers.

I also water and juice fasted several times for up to ten days; engaged in parasite and colon cleanses; supplemented with digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria; and added many other vital herbal substances to my daily diet.

In the late 1980s, when most people hadn't even heard of vegetarianism, wheat grass juice, and kombucha tea, I was growing my own kombucha in the kitchen closet and regularly drank freshly harvested and homegrown barley grass juice. Years ahead of most everyone, I was fully engaged in the alternative health and whole-food lifestyle, which has now become mainstream.

Back then, I was looked at as crazy and weird. When I wanted to replace the artificially colored sugar water icicles for my son's elementary school fundraiser that had been used for many years with real fruit juice icicles, I was met with enormous opposition. "Nobody will buy them since nobody knows what they are", was the argument concerned parents shared with me.

Margot Ridler and son

We've come a long way since then. The suggestion to use real fruit juice instead of colored sugar water wouldn't raise an eyebrow today. You can also buy wheat grass juice, kombucha tea, and friendly bacteria in almost all regular supermarkets nowadays without any problem.

Taking care of my son's and my own health in natural ways was our health insurance. We never went to see a regular medical doctor. I had a cabinet full of homeopathic and herbal remedies that would support our immune system in case we caught a cold.

My son had lots of ear infections when he was little. The only thing his pediatrician did was prescribe repeated rounds of antibiotics. This did not make sense to me. It's what initially got me to research health and nutrition. I wanted to help my son. I saw the drugs he was getting didn't help him. He kept getting sick.

From my studies I understood that antibiotics are extremely damaging to the microbiome so that immune functioning is lowered. Once I grasped what the body required to build a healthy, strong, and vital immune system to fight bacteria and viruses naturally, my son never got sick again.

We didn't have a regular medical doctor as a family physician, but we did have a homeopathic doctor we visited once in a while for wellness checkups. He had prescribed my son and I a homeopathic remedy, which would kick our immune system into gear when needed. All we had to do is take a few pellets as soon as we noticed cold or flu symptoms appear. Then the cold or flu wouldn't take hold in our bodies and we wouldn't get sick.

These little pellets, along with a whole food home-cooked organic vegetarian diet, essential supplements such as Vitamin C, a huge dose of daily sunshine (which was easy since we lived in Hawaii), fun, play, and lots of outdoor exercise kept my son and myself healthy and strong for many years.

Margot Ridler Heart Rock Bowl

This is why I knew the official story wasn't the truth. From my own first-hand experience I know that the human body has an inbuilt, highly effective, God-given immune system that can fight any disease. However, it must be given the health-promoting natural substances it needs to function properly.

Of course, the body itself must be healthy and strong. It's the only way our body’s immune system can work as it’s designed to work. An unhealthy body will have a harder time fighting a bacterial or viral infection since the immune system will already be busy dealing with preexisting health issues.

Even though I never studied this matter professionally, and am not a medical or naturopathic doctor, I have been deeply immersed in that subject for many years. What I've studied, what I know, and what I've practiced in my life does work, which is why the official recommendation from the NIH and WHO seemed absolutely wrong to me.

Margot Ridler Stay at Home Order

People worldwide were told to stay at home if they felt sick until they were so ill that they could not stand it anymore. Then they should go to the hospital. There they would be treated with some heavy drugs and most likely be placed on a ventilator. Sadly, many people did not survive these last-effort treatments.

Why were no early treatments made available to fight viral infections? I do not know of a single illness where doctors tell their sick patients to stay at home, do nothing, wait until they are so ill that they can't manage anymore, and then they will treat them.

Thousands upon thousands of drugs and treatments have been developed for cancer, diabetics, nerve injuries, etc. which are all based on early detection of the disease and early treatment. The reasoning behind this medical practice is that you want to detect an illness early so that it can be staved off and stopped from proceeding.

Why was this century-old medical protocol not applied to COVID-19? Why were doctors brought before medical boards and lost their licenses who successfully treated their patients with early outpatient as well as preventative treatments? Most of those patients never had to go to the hospital and were protected from dying. Yet, instead of celebrating these doctors as heroes, they were (and still are) defamed as quack doctors.

Today, as I am writing this in December 2021, almost two years have passed. The official recommendation remains the same. No early outpatient treatments are made available. Doctors that do prescribe such treatments are STILL viscously attacked by the mainstream media as well as their medical boards. This is happening in many countries around the word. The only official prevention and treatment for COVID-19 are the rMNA vaccines.

MargotRidler; CovidVaccinesSaveLives


None of the official doctors, scientists, and politicians mentioned (not even a single time!) that people should consider eating healthier and drink a lot of fresh water. These are two simple things anyone can do. The body will be helped by building a strong immune system from the healthy diet. The extra water will provide the body the necessary fluid to wash out the toxins that bacteria and viruses generate.

Our COVID task force officials also have not mentioned to people that adding Vitamin C and Vitamin D to the diet, along with antiviral herbal supplements would be beneficial. These substances are known to be strong immune system boosters. They will help fight bacterial and viral infections naturally.

Our experts in charge have also not shared with the public that it is imperative to get sunshine onto our skin on a daily basis as this builds up our Vitamin D reserves. Adequate levels of Vitamin D are imperative for proper immune health. With low levels, our bodies are susceptible to be attacked by viruses and bacteria, which then can take hold more easily and produce cold and flu symptoms and infections.

Low levels of Vitamin D occur especially during the fall and winter months. There is a reason we have a yearly Flu Season which starts in October and ends in May. Flu seasons are directly linked to people not getting enough sunshine and therefore have low Vitamin D levels. By properly supplementing with Vitamin D (and also Vitamin C) during fall and winter many cold and flu infections can be avoided.

All official COVID experts absolutely should have told the inhabitants of each of their countries that Vitamin D reduces the chance of becoming ill with a cold and flu infection. It's a scientifically proven fact. A study published in February 2017 by the British Medical Journal stated that out of the 11321 participants aged 0 to 95 years,Vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of acute respiratory tract infection among all participants. By clicking here you can read a brief report of this study done by the Harvard University.

Additionally, no recommendation has been made that we should continue (or start) to exercise. Exercise is a well-known aspect of a health-building lifestyle and contributes to a strong immune function.

Last but not least, and certainly the most essential health giving advice our COVID officials should have shared with people (although they did the exact opposite by stoking fear and terror) is to tell everyone to have fun, to laugh, to play, and to enjoy themselves with loved ones and friends. The activities of laughter, having fun, playing, sharing love and care enormously boost our immune system by producing vitally important feel-good chemicals that are essential for our health and wellbeing.

You probably do not know about Norman Cousins. He became famous when he healed himself in 1964 of a debilitating and life-threatening disease through daily deep belly laughter and megadoses of Vitamin C. His account was published in 1976 in The New England Journal of Medicine under the title Anatomy of an Illness (As Perceived by the Patient).

Margot Ridler Having Fun

The second aspect that let me to know the official COVID story wasn't the truth had to with a skill I acquired in my profession. In my training to become a Family Constellation facilitator, which is a highly effective trans-generational deprogramming and healing method, I had to learn to double-listen. When clients tell me about problems they want to resolve, I not only listen with my regular hearing. I also listen with my intuitive inner direct-hearing that's linked to my true nature. It's a function that is part of the human makeup. Sadly, most people do not know of this ability. If you knew it and had access to it, you'd be able to hear, know, and understand what is not being said by the words someone is speaking.

Imagine How Different The World Would Be...

...if all people knew when someone wasn't speaking the truth, was deceitful, withholding information, or providing information that was incorrect, misunderstandings could no longer occur. If people would intuitively know through their inner direct guidance-system what another person was not saying with the words they were speaking, we'd live in a very different world today. Lies would no longer be told because they would be recognized instantly. No fertile ground would exist for lies and deceit to grow and fester.

Having developed this ability in my work, I knew our COVID officials were not telling the truth because I was able to access the information they weren’t mentioning. This other information is available in the greater field of consciousness. Thoughts, intentions, wants, needs, resentment, fear, longings, and desires are made up of energetic or vibrational blueprints that are stored within what I call humanity's collective story line or memory bank.

These blueprints of consciousness can easily be picked up by anyone who knows how to access them. That's how I knew from the very beginning in 2020 what the COVID pandemic's bigger picture was. It's just that the people in power didn't share this picture with the public. If they had, people most likely wouldn't have gone along with it. This certainly is what Stefan Oelrich, a member of Bayer’s Board of Management stated in his opening speech at the World Health Summit in Berlin in October 2021. He said, "If we had surveyed two years ago in the public 'Would you be willing to take a gene therapy injected into your body' we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate."

MargotRidler CovidLockDown

The COVID pandemic was (and is) used for a purpose other than what we are told.

The COVID restrictions, mandates, and vaccinations have nothing to do with health. This was clear to me from the beginning. Even though I could access various details pertaining to the larger plan that would be unfolding in the near future, I didn't know the plan's ultimate goal. I had no idea what the final outcome was supposed to be. To what end where the COVID measures pushing people? I didn't know. That information wasn't accessible to me.

This is why I began to research online. It took me until the end of 2020 to get a really good grasp on what is actually happening with COVID.
I've come upon official documents and statements made by past and present authority figures in politics, science, finance, and economics who have openly stated what this plan is, and in which direction the world is being steered. You can read in Part Two the various aspects I knew already back in 2020 would unfold with Covid, all of which have come to pass by now or are in the process of being implemented in the near future. If you are interested you can read about all this in Part Two.

I want to bring the attention back now to the spiritual and worldly awakening aspect in terms of what is currently happening. Look at all the challenges, upheavals, and difficulties that are occurring as an unprecedented opportunity to make everything unconscious conscious, release what's old and outdated, heal past hurts and grievances, and then bring in and anchor in a whole new way of life.

This new way of life isn't yet available to be recognized and seen. It's still resting in the dimension of the unknown. Although for those who have the ability to sense into the future, what is possible for humanity can be picked up intuitively and understood via the inner direct guidance-system.

Take this time right now to heal past hurts, release old programming, let go of habitual destructive behavior patterns, set aright overdue grievances, and make yourself ever more empty and still internally. This way, your true nature, your non-physical, immortal essential beingness - your real YOU, will be able to come more and more to the foreground and become the guiding light in your daily life.

MargotRidler; SpiritualAwakening

I invite you to join the private and secure online community platform called Programmed No More where I'll share my knowledge of the spiritual and worldly awakening process, as well as help in the trans-generational deprogramming and healing of old wounds, trauma, and tragedies. This platform is based on the materials laid out in my unBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours.

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Margot Ridler

A Trans-Generational and Spiritually-Awake Perspective

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What are the inherent lessons of the COVID crisis?

The corona virus pandemic is a catalyst. It’s showing us our deepest fears, hates, resentments, and incongruences. Everything that for generations has been suppressed, negated, and hidden is brought to the surface right now.