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Releasing 5-Levels of Programming

Thank you for your interest in the Liberation Process, which you can briefly read about on my About Me page. I've been through quite a journey since December 2005, which allows me to see, know and understand life in a very different manner from what is commonly taught and understood.

My ability to facilitate for my clients quick releases of longstanding problems and challenges has to do with my unique grasp on the matter of suffering. My current understanding evolved from years of working trans-generationally with Family Constellations; the incredibly-thorough Liberation Process I underwent; as well as the Clear-Seeing I was gifted with in November 2009 that allowed me to see the dual non-physical and physical nature of our material world. This is why the information you will read below is unique to me and my understanding.

I have come to realize that on a worldly level, every person is bound by four levels of programming. This programming hinders the true Self - your non-physical (spiritual) true nature from operating freely through the human form - your physical body. When you release these four programmed layers, the true Self is set free. This is when intrinsic joy, delight, wonder and freedom spontaneously appear, which most people have no idea exist in them.

Actually, there are five levels. However, releasing the fifth level cannot be facilitated. Grace releases that one. To understand the fifth level, please read my unBook #1 Beyond Self-Improvement - Go After True Freedom: Life Without Suffering Is Possible.

Hardly anyone knows anything about this fifth level of programming. I call it our Claiming Function. Your personal self is held in place with a function that claims everything as I, me, my, mine. Unbeknownst to most people, this claiming function can cease to operate. When this happens, a door opens to a whole new and unknown way of experiencing life. The video clip on the homepage explains this matter clearly with visuals.

Deprogramming the personal self

Not all people will address all five programmed layers in their work with me. Most people will touch upon only the first two or three levels. Nevertheless, I hold the awareness and consciousness of all five. This allows my clients to resonate with the vibration of freedom that is innate and intrinsic to them but hidden underneath the many densely knit programmed layers that make up the personal self.

The first level of programming revolves around your present-day persona and the challenges you have directly experienced in your life.

The second level of programming contains the trauma, belief systems, behavior patterns, thought processes, emotional responses and instinctual reflexes that you inherited from your parents and ancestors.

The third level of programming encompasses the collectively memorized and regurgitated behavior patterns that are part of our collective human storyline, which are unconsciously re-lived generation after generation.

The forth level of programming represents the core of all programming, which is about self-preservation and individual survival. How are you unknowingly organizing your life so your survival, well-being and success are assured? What do you say yes or no to in order to feel safe, loved, wanted and that you have value and importance? Freeing your core survival programming allows you to live fearlessly in the world with authentic confidence and certainty. This is why I say utilize COVID as your wake up call. An unprecedented opportunity exists right now for you to access True Freedom in your life. At the beginning of 2020, all of humanity was individually and collectively thrust into this forth level of programming. People are either getting ever more entrenched in their instinctual fear programming by following the mandates, accepting one mRNA vaccine after another, and giving up their autonomy in exchange for some outer-directed supposed safety and protection. While other people are recognizing true authority can never come from without and that within our own inner being exists this intimate connection of being linked to a higher wisdom and guidance where true safety and protection are located.

The fifth level of programming holds all other programming together. The Claiming Function makes you believe that every thought, feeling, emotion, instinct and behavior you experience is personally yours. But is that really true?

Anyway, these five programmed layers are anchored deeply in your genetic imprint. To experience True Freedom they must be released with care, respect and love.

Freeing the true Self

As you surrender these layers, the true Self surfaces effortlessly. It has always been there, it was simply covered up by the five levels of programmed body consciousness.

When you allow your true nature to be in charge, these programmed layers no longer run the show of your life. You will operate in a way that are intrinsic and authentic. Your actions will benefit all of life. Impulses will no longer surface that were generated by your personal self, focused on your own gain at the expense of others. It would stagger our imagination to realize the kind of life that could be created when people en mass began to operate from their true nature. Creating a world where all life prospers would be a foregone conclusion. It's impossible to comprehend with our limited, since eons programmed body consciousness the changes that could occur overnight.

However, thanks to COVID, people from all over the world are now finding each other. They are communicating with one another using online platforms, exchanging ideas of the kind of a world we'd like to jointly create. This type of worldwide collective higher wisdom-directed brainstorming has never occurred before.

It's such a pleasure to observe this movement as it is taking hold around the globe, linking people from remote regions in Africa, India, the Middle East, with people from all Western nations. While there is an enormous effort exerted by fear-mongering factions of humanity who seek to separate people and hinder them from joining together, another faction of humanity is actively engaged in establishing a united front of the true human family, which includes all races, all religions, all skin colors, all nationalities, and all genders.

We are living in unprecedented times

Make sure you don't get stuck in fear and old programming. Engage in your own internal work so that you can free yourself from the inherited programming and conditioning that was passed down to you by your family of origin, culture, and society. This programming never was there to hurt you. It was there to teach you about duality, about good and bad, right and wrong, left and right, truth and lies. As you choose freedom and internally-governed authority over fear and other-directed authority, you will join this ever-growing movement of the human family coming together to jointly build a truly prosperous world that's rewarding for all. If you don't quite know where to start, check out my unBook #1. You'll gain a clear understanding how you function as a human being and your dual nature, which is both physical and non-physical. You can read for free the sections The Real You and Three Kinds of Knowing by clicking here.

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